2016 Can-AM Commander XT 1000 Review

What is the Commander?! This is the question I ask myself now. I mean we got the Maverick which is nothing but sport and now we got the Defender which is work. It seems we got all aspects covered right?

Where does the Commander fall into?

The Can AM Commander has become something of a hybrid. The Commander is the machine that likes to play on the weekends but still clocks in on the weekdays. The Commander is for someone who needs something practical, but still can hang with the best of them.

I’m Going To Be Honest

I’m going to be honest here and say that I think the Commander is Better than the Maverick. Yeah I know. Crazy talk.

The only things that the Maverick has over the Commander is the Horse Power and Suspension. Other than that its all pretty much the same.

You see I’m a bigger fan of the Commander due to the fact I get more with it. The dunk bed for example.

dunk bed commander

I can do more with the dunk bed and Can AM takes it to the next level. You see its a 2 level dunk bed.

second level dunk bed

You can place the lumber on top and the chain saws underneath. With a 600 pound capacity, you can really haul some stuff.

The best part is that you can remove the center separator and make a huge dunk bed.

bed of commander big

When you get the XT Commander you get those side rails in the bed.

The bed on the Commander can also be dunked and is assisted too.

dumping bed

You’ll notice in the picture above that there is no engine under the dunk bed. Can AM has placed the engine in almost center of the machine. This keeps the engine centralized which keeps the back end from swinging away from you around the turns. This also allows all 4 wheels to touch the ground when jumping hills. The more you keep all 4 wheels on the ground the better control you have.

What Is The Top Speed?

This is the number one question I get asked. I’m not going to answer it completely. Why? Because its fast enough. The 85HP engine in the 1000 is more than enough to get you where you need to go quickly. Shoot the 800cc version is more than enough.

Commander XT black blue
commander xt 800 for sale north carolina

If you never been in a Can AM before then let me tell you that all Can AMs are fast. If you think you’re buddies ATV is fast then you’ll be surprised by a Can AM. Sure the Commander is no 131HP Maverick Turbo, but its not slow either.

TTI Suspension

Probably the coolest part of the Commander is the Suspension in the Rear. Its called TTI which is just a fancy way of saying that hinges from the front. Other manufactures use a A-Arm which creates a butterfly effect of the tire. The TTI Suspension keeps the tire going straight up and down. This simply means you stay straight in rough terrain.

tti suspension

Black And Blue

I use to be a big fan of the old 2011 Can AM Commander X in Carbon Fiber. I thought that Carbon Fiber looked really good. Then I saw this black and blue Commander. This Matte Black and Octane Blue Commander is far better looking than that Carbon Fiber one.

matte black
can am commander logo

I mean the Carbon Fiber looks nice, but this is nicer. That blue in the photo does not give it justice. You need to see it in person.

octane blue roll cage

The Matte Black will also hold up better than anything thats glossy. Makes clean up easier too.


The 2016 Commander XT have a 4500 pound Warn Winch. Winches are really a no brainer, if you ride then buy a Winch. If you’re not getting stuck then you’re not having fun.

A Winch is what a Maverick lacks that the Commander XT has.

commander winch

Along with the Winch on the XT models you also get a XT Front Bumper.

front bumper hid lights


The interior is the same for the Commander and Maverick. No kidding. The seats, steering wheel locations are the same. You even have the same button locations too. They do start to differ on little details like the gauge, buttons, steering wheel design and so on.

can am commander steering wheel gauge

But the comfort is the same for both Commanders and Mavericks.

commander pass side
commander console

You get two keys. A black key which is the fast one and the grey key which is the slower one. Both Keys are digitally encrypted to the machine so that no one can hot wire or jam a screw driver in to start the machine. Not just anyone can get a key programmed to your machine. You need to have a Can AM dealer to program the key. And no, you can’t just give your dealer a VIN and have them make a key – the machine needs to be taken to the dealer to get a new key.

You also have a sporty push button start too. With a 12 volt plug within reach.

center console north carolina commander for sale nc


The wheels on the Commander XT 1000 like this black and blue one has the same type of tire that the Maverick use, the Maxxis Big Horns 27in.

On top of that you get the nice blacked out rims. Looks good doesn’t it!

commander xt rim wheel


The Commander has a 2in square receiver in the rear that will hold just about any ball. The Commanders can haul up to 1500 pounds.

Also you can see the under the Commander too.


Mud Guards

The Commander XT has Mud Guards to help keep as much mud off of you as it can. You don’t know how great these things are unless you been without the.

mud guards
side under commander

I could not find an angle that this commander did not look good in.

Here is a little tidbit. When looking at the Commander just sit in it. Just sit in it for 15 minutes. Have someone sit in it with you. I like to point out the comfort of the Commander. I have the customer sit in the machine, then I get in with them in the passenger seat. I’m not small but I like to point out how we still have elbow room, which you never notice until you hit the trails.

front of commander

Other manufactures have you sit super close to your buddy and you’re always bumping elbows. Can AM gives you the room you deserve. Plus the seats are just plain comfortable. The Seats are more comfortable than my office chair and I’ve been know to take lunch in a commander because the seat is more relaxing.

While we’re on the seat, you can actually take them out. This makes cleaning a lot easier. My favorite part is that you can sit around the camp fire with them. No need to bring those cheap plastic chairs or folding ones since the Commander allows you to use its seats.

seats mud

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