2016 Can AM Maverick xDS Turbo Review

It was to be expected that Can Am would release the Maverick Turbo’s with even more HP! Just like the 121hp we had in 2015 these 2016’s with 131hp are no slow pokes. The raw power will make any sane man crazy for power.

The New Colors

octane blue turbo

We got our First Turbo Maverick in just a few days ago and we opened it up like kids on Christmas. One of the perks of the job is seeing and driving the new stuff. One of the main features that really stands out is the all new colors that Can AM is doing to all there line up. 

The Octane blue that we have, and actually sold right away, is just the best color around. The thing I hate is the false sense of color that most websites and brochures give you. It really looks better in person and the images I’ve shown on this site give you the best feel for the color.

maverick turbo blue grey
can am blue octane gray
maverick turbo

The Turbo

Who would have thought that a turbo would be a common feature on side by sides? I remember when these things looked like big golf carts, now they have more HP than my car!

Even though the Polaris RZR has 144HP compared to the Can AM Maverick 131HP doesn’t mean that the Maverick is slower. In-fact this video is probably the best comparison of the two racing.  RZR Turbo vs. Maverick Turbo, you can clearly see the Maverick just dominates with power.

turbo maverick picture

The turbo is tucked in nice and neat right in the back under the intercooler. It doesn’t look like much but that little guy can pack a nice punch. It actually automatically adjust to temperature and altitude for you so that you get the most amount of power no matter where you are.

maverick innercooler

The Back End

In the back Can AM has elongated the xDS models to increase the wheel base. This helps with steep climbs in the dunes and helps to keep the front end on the ground.

rear of maverick turbo

The air box is located in the back in a tube. The air intake for it is above the rack in the back. No tools are required to remove the air box.

turbo maverick air filter

Suspension and Wheels

The suspension is so big on the rear of the machine that it requires at least two guys to get it into place. The Shocks are Fox Podium RC2 2.5 in the front and rear. This xDS version has the adjustable shocks while the xRS Turbo has the racing Shocks – its purely racing only.

maverick rear

Also you have the TTA Suspension which cuts down on the butter fly effect you get with other A-Arms. This TTA allows the wheel to go straight up and down to keep you going in a straight line over rough terrain.

The Wheels are a True Bead Lock with the 28 inch Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 tires that are 6 Ply thick.

maverick bead lock

Monster Front

The front of a machine says a lot about it. Would you drive a machine that looked like a wimp of a machine? Of course not! Thats why I love the mean look of the Turbo Mavericks like this xDS Turbo! With the aluminum front bumper makes it looks like a warthog on steroids.

turbo front brush bar

The Cockpit

The machine can look nice, but if the cockpit is junk that won’t matter. Can AM has paid attention to all the little details about how you sit and what matters to you when you ride there machines.

steering wheel buttons start keys

The Steering wheel is adjustable and the gauge moves with it so you don’t have to worry about the steering wheel blocking the view of the gauges.

You have digital and analog gauges that are big and easy to read. You also have the ability to change what the information cluster says.

Two keys, performance key and normal key. The keys adjust the power of the machine. Can AM is the only ones with these digital keys that allow you to pick the power you want to do or your buddy does. This also keeps theft down since you can’t just hot wire or jam a screw driver in to start it. The key has a millions of different combinations and only a certified dealer can program a machine.

3 different modes of power steering is available at a push of a button. This allows you to have different feel for dirt, gravel, or mud.

Since the air box has been moved you can see in the picture below the DPS or power steering motor is easy to get to and the machine is pre-wired for a winch.

dps motor

The seats have the best amount of detail. The seats are made for the best hip point for a human. The first thing you’ll notice when sitting in a maverick compared to other Side by Sides on the market is that the seat is the most comfortable. Can AM has added texture to areas to keep you from sliding around when going around the turns.

Also you can take the seats out and sit around the campfire or make it easier to clean your machine. You might think that its silly to take the seats out to just sit around the campfire, but if its up to me I rather sit in a Maverick Seat than a dinky little plastic folding chair. Your pick.

The battery is located under the dash board of the driver side. Along with fuses and spare fuses. The battery is sealed and a 10mm socket tool can get it out and back in with no problem.

maverick battery location tool replacement easy

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