2016 Can AM Outlander 570 xMR Review

Can Am has really taken there Outlander L models and really ran with them. The Outlander L models started off as boring entry level machines, but for 2016 Can AM has really turn that concept on its head.

Can AM has released the new 570 engine and to accompany that they also made a xMR version of the Outlander L. Which makes me wonder why they even still make the 650 xMR?

The 570 xMR is just right with the best value for the money on the market!

The Looks

pic 570 xmr
xmr side 570

I’ve got to say, all the xMR look great and the 570 is no different. We still have the relocated radiator and air intake but with the Outlander L lights and front bumper. Keep in mind that the Outlander L models are on the same SST G-2 Frame as its bigger brother the 1000 xMR.

Haven’t Seen That in Awhile

outlander L handle bar

One of the first things I noticed was the left side handle bars have the old style control switches. I haven’t seen this style since 2011. They’ve updated the logos on the buttons but that makes me wonder why they brought that back. Just a little odd that they would bring back the old switches back, what was wrong with the new style?

Same Gauges

gauges outlander l 570

We still have the same gauges they used for 2015 Outlander L models. Tells you Speed, rpm, Gas, what gear you’re in and much more. One great perk of the gauge is that all the read outs are easy to see.


570 xmr radiator

Just like all the other xMR machines Can Am has placed the Radiator on top. Got to love a stock “out of the box” unit that is mud ready! Also the Can AM Red around it on the front bumper just looks amazing!!!

Don’t forget to notice that the radiator has a nice metal cage around it, none of that plastic stuff from other manufactures. This is the exact same size radiator they use for the 1000 version of the xMR’s, so its sure to keep heat down.

Mud Tires and XT Rims

xmr tires 570

The Outlander 570 xMR is rocking the Maxxis Mudzilla Mud Tires stock out of the box. Also notice that you get the nice aluminum XT rims. Its not normal for Can AM to give you such a nice rim and tire package at the price point the 570 xMR.

Standard Cut Key

key 570 can am

This might not be a big deal for some but to me its not the same. The Outlander L models use a standard cut key for turning on the machine. I’m a big fan of the DESS key system they use on all the other machines they have. Not only for security, it has over a million combinations and makes it harder to steal, but the DESS key also has a slower key option. With a DESS key they have a “normal” key which limits throttle response to make the machine more tamed and it would have been nice to have that on the 570 models.


storage can am l

Just like the other Outlander L models you have storage in the real. Lifts from the top which I find easier to use compared to its bigger brother that opens from the rear.

Level Of Detail

seat carbon fiber l can am

I’m a sucker for details. Got to love the carbon fiber look of the seat with the Can Am red stitching. For such an affordable model I’m shock to see this level of detail. Show me a Honda with this much care given to a seat!



Proudly wearing the 570 logo and 4×4 visco-lok. You’ll also notice the aluminum foot rest to keep your feet locked in going through the mud. 

Lots of Room

570 xmr front radiator

With the radiator moved to the top and no winch you have plenty of room in the front. I do recommend getting a winch (Amazon Link Ad), because if someone is not getting stuck then you’re not having fun.

Air Intake

xmr air intake

Lifting the top of the dash you can get access to the air intake and breather tubes. Also a little more forward is your fuses. The best part is the ability to get to all of this without any tools!

Feels Full Size

xmr full size can am outlander l 570

Sitting on the Can AM Outlander L 570 xMR feels like a full size machine. For an entry level machine it sure doesn’t feel like one. More than enough power to get you in trouble!

A Look at the Rear

rear can am l 570

In the rear there is much to talk about. You have spot to install a tow ball. Single Brake Light with reflectors on each side. TTI suspension, no butterfly effect when going over rough terrain which keeps you going in a straight line. I must admit that the rear end looks a lot better than many other manufactures front ends!

Easy Battery to Change

change batter outlander l

Like I said before, I’m a sucker for the details. All the Outlander’s now have this super easy to change battery location. All you need is a 10mm wrench and socket to pop a new battery in. Also, the starter relay is easy to reach too. Its nice to know that everything is easy to work on if you ever have to work on it.

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