2017 Can Am Off Road Just Released – What’s New

Can AM just released the new 2017 models. There is a lot of changes that happen and some of them I would have not guessed.

I would have never guessed a Renegade 570 xMR?! Or a Maverick xMR MAX?!

Defender MAX

Defender Max

We already knew the Defender Max was coming. They also released a new Hunting Edition Defender which is gives you great bang for the buck.

Defender Hunting Edition

Outlander 1000r Hunting Edition

Can am is going strong with the hunting editions this year, they have added the Outlander 1000r Hunting Edition to the line up too. In 2016 all you got was the 570 hunting edition and the Commander hunting edition but they have increased the number of models in 2017.

outlander hunting edition

More Affordable Maverick

Can am has made the most affordable and feature rich Maverick Yet. The Maverick xc 1000r non-dps model is a strong contender for anyone looking to get an affordable side by side with power.

maverick xc

Maverick MAX xMR

This one took me by surprise. I never thought that Can AM would do a 4 seater Maverick xMR Max but they sure did. Plus its in the octane blue and hyper silver which looks amazing.

maverick max xmr

Renegade 570 xMR

This is another model that took me by surprise, the Renegade 570 xMR. The Outlander L 570 xMR was such a huge hit (we could barely keep them in stock) that Can AM is also now doing a Renegade xMR 570 too. Much like the Outlander L version but looks a lot meaner! Also the price of the Renegade xMR 570 is really nice too!

The 570 looks almost like its bigger brother 1000 xMR! Besides the tires, winch, and engine stickers how else would you tell them apart?

No More Outlander L

Well, not really. Can AM has dropped the “Outlander L” name and I don’t blame them since its hard to say. From now on they’re all called “Outlander”.

The 450 and 570 engines will be on the G2-L frame and the 650, 850, 1000r will be on the G2 frame. The “L” frame has different storage racks, lights, and other little details from the regular frame. To the average person both frames will look the same and even sit the same.

outlander 570 l xt

Also as you can see above is the Outlander XT and Outlander XT Max option in the 570 model only. The XT will get power steering, 25 inch Maxxis tires, Front and rear bumpers, handlebar guards, 3000 pound warn winch, and two colors of yellow or magnesium.

Bringing DS70 Back

Can AM brought the DS70 back to the market and gave all the Little DS models a new color for 2017.

ds 70

Speaker Box Option

Something really cool in the accessories is the added Speaker Box option that allows you to play your music in the trails. Also mud flap extensions are available too!

bluetooth speakers

New Performance Shocks

Some Can AM models will get the new QS3 Fox Shock. They’re tool free adjustments, and a huge ranges of adjustments.

new fox shocks

New Sway Bar

Can am has made some changes to the front sway bar to increase stability in cornering.

new can am sway bar front

New Tires and Rims

If you look at some of the new models something looks different. Its hard to spot, but then you look at the tires and rims and noticed that they got better and some got bigger.

outlander xt and xmr new tires and rims

The bigger tires gives a better ride and comfort. Plus helps out in the roughest of areas. The XT goes from a 12 inch wheel to a beefy 14 inch and the DPS models also get a bigger wheel too.

On the XT-P and models they get a 14 inch beadlock wheels.

The xMR models get a new look for the rim.

Leader In Power

Lets not forget that Can AM is the leader in power…

leader in power

New Key

Can AM has released a new key design. The keys are still programmed to your machine so to make stealing them harder. You also still have the different performance keys to tame the machines down.

This key is the same key that Seadoo and Skidoo uses so its only natural that Can Am goes to it. This key has been a huge hit for us on the Seadoo and should work well in the ATV and Side by Side. This key was also available as a work mode for the Defender so its been in used for a bit now on the Can AM Side.

new key

While other manufactures use simple cut-keys that anyone can hot wire, can am uses digital keys to help protect your machine. Only dealers can program these keys!

Also a SuperWinch 4500 pound will be put on Commander and Maverick xMR models now. Super glad they’re going to SuperWinch, it feels like you’re just paying for a name on the Warn winches and the SuperWinch have been good to us.

The Line Up

commander defender
2017 maverick line up
outlander line up

4 thoughts on “2017 Can Am Off Road Just Released – What’s New”

  1. On the new keys, half of the dealers say that the white key is the performance key the other half say that the green key is the performance key. Which one is right?!?!?!

    • It’s more of a personal preference, both keys are the same but have different colors to them. You can ask the dealer to make both keys performance or both keys normal if you wanted to. You can also ask them to make the green key the fast key or the white key the fast key if you wanted to.


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