2017 Can Am Side By Side Predictions

Can am is going to be releasing some updates to the side by side line up soon. The usually release it during June or July, but it looks like there is going to be some teasers late march early April.


Most of what I say is what I think they might do due to me being in the industry for so long I can predict what they will do. I do have a solid guess that the 2017 Defender is getting a brother.

None of what I say here below is true and is made up by me. I can’t predict the future but I like to guess it. Who knows, some of this may come true but take it as a rumor. Don’t expect any of it to come true and always be checking to see in the future what they really release.

Defender Max

The brother of the defender will be the Max version which will be either a 4 seater, 5 seater, or a 6 seater model. I’m leaning toward 6 seater.

It’s not set in stone just yet but we got 4 seater Mavericks and Commanders so we got to have the Max version or 6 seater Defender here soon.

Release Cycle

Can AM is working on quicker release cycles of new models and plan on releasing something new every 6 months. That’s just insane amount of machines.

I’m feeling very confident on the 6 seater Defender, but what about the other side by sides?

Commander 101HP

Let me just say that Can Am makes nothing slow, all the machines are fast. Even the little 800cc commanders are a blast.

Since Polaris Came out with the General to tap into Can AM Commander Market people have been asking what Can AM is going to do with the Commanders? Since the General has 100Hp will Can Am let that be?


Can Am will put a bigger engine in the Commander. A Turbo? Not really. What they will do is place the Maverick’s 101HP engine into a Commander.

What I think will happen is that not all the Commanders will get the new engine. What I think will happen is that the Commander XTP will get the engine only. Or better yet they’ll bring back the Commander X with the 101HP engine and drop the XTP, but give all the features that the XTP is known for.

The new 2017 Commander X will have the doors stock and maybe even a roof. Who knows? What it will have is 101HP Maverick Engine.

What About Maverick?

The Maverick has gotten a lot of attention here lately. It got a turbo, then it got more power of the turbo. It’s in a good place right now.

No one is really challenging it and I’m sure Polaris is making one that would try to challenge it in HP. But really the Turbo and HP race is just turning into a pissing content. I know a lot guys say you can’t have too much power.

I know Can AM can easily push the Turbo Maverick to 150HP if they wanted to and I’m sure they have prototypes built that are above that and they’ve been testing them for awhile now. But I’m very doubtful they’ll release them anytime soon.

A 151Hp Maverick Turbo will come, but we might be a few years away from that. That model would probably have a manual transmission on it too! But who knows.

Single Seater

I know Polaris has the ACE which is a single seater side by side. I know Can Am has a model they’re working on right now. With a seat you can take out and sit around the camp fire with it.

It will be 800cc engine with plenty of get-up-and-go power.

But they’re waiting to release it and should be out very soon. They’re seeing how the single seaters do before they release it.

They will even probably have a xMR version too.

xMR Mud Machine

Lets talk about the xMR or mud ready machines. Will the Maverick xMR get a turbo? NO. I’m very sure it won’t and nor do you want one. Less moving parts when going through the mud is ideal.

But the Defender or Commander might be getting mud versions. A Commander xMR is very likely and a Defender xMR is somewhat likely.

I’m not feeling the Defender to be mud ready as it has its niche and it does it well. It would be nothing for Can AM to do a mud ready Commander so it could be just around the corner.

Just One More Thing…

There is one model. A whole new segment that no one really talks about.

it’s out there but it is possible. Just check out Argos.

I’m sure Can AM is working on something like that but would look a lot better.

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