2017 Sea Doo Predictions

This time last year was a wee bit more exciting for the future release of the 2016 Seadoo Watercraft. The new 300HP engine really brought some fresh new take and the new colors of the Sparks really got people going.

Now that the 2017’s about to be release I’m sure everyone is really wanting to know what is to come. To be honest I don’t expect much.

****I should point out that this is all rumors. Not sure if it will come true, but its fun to guess. 

The exciting stuff is really a few years away and I see 2017 more of “maintenance” year.

New Engine Block

I see that many, if not all, of the watercraft to get the new 1630cc engine block. I also see that a slight boost in horsepower too. I see the 130hp going to 145hp, the 155 going to 170, and the 215 going to 225.

Update: A new 230HP engine is coming. Not sure if its just the 1630cc engine block or a whole new engine. It will be the replacement for the 215HP engine. So expect a even faster GTR!!!

But the 260 I see staying the same.

Many people were upset that the new 300HP didn’t go into the GTX Limited iS. The biggest reason was that it was too big, well the intercooler was too big. I’m sure they could make it happen if Seadoo wanted to, but I see the GTX Limited iS staying at 260hp but with the new engine block.

What would be great to see is the new engine getting rid of the GTI SE 130 and the GTI SE 155. Both are the same machine but different engine Horse Power. The best thing would be a GTI SE 145 which just splits it down the middle and gives the buyer a better option.

12 Volt Plugs

I also seeing the 12 volt plugs becoming more standard or at least going to the luxury models. With everyone having a phone it only make sense to have a 12 volt plug. Maybe a mount for the phone too inside the glove box or on top of it.


I really have a good feeling that the GTS might be getting some love. Keep an eye on this one folks something is going to happen. Which really leads me to my next point…


Lets not forget the rumors of the Spark-X. Will we see a Spark-X? Yes! It’s not only about the Spark-X you should be looking at, but the diversification of the Spark Series.

Lets be honest the Spark is a huge hit. So that means the Spark will branch out.

We’re going to be seeing more “Spark Like” watercraft in the future. Yes, plastic jet ski’s will become normal people.

I just saw a handlebar and grips I have never seen before. Could this be the new Spark-X? The grips are red which is new and the center of the handlebars is a design that almost looks adjustable. I really think the Spark-X is coming and it will be red-black-white. This might be the seat of it too! The video below is where I saw the new handlebars around 9 seconds in.

The Spark is a good idea because its good for the environment. It’s good for the environment because it uses less gas. It uses less gas because the hull is light weight which means you don’t need a big engine. 

So expect a Ploy-tec GTI. Yes a plastic GTI or GTS to becoming in the near future. I’m sure it will have the Hull of the GTI but the top deck will be very different. Maybe a Spark appearance on the top deck.

Then Seadoo will branch off of this and create a “Spark Wake” which is made for pulling tubes.

Or even a “Spark iS” or “Spark-S” to be coming soon (think of the XP with the shock).

I would not be surprised to see in 10 years that most of the line up is made of Ploy-tec and we will think of fiberglass as being old tech.

Update: I was right on the money on this one. Seadoo is working on a bigger Spark that is going after the GTI body. Yes the Spark-X will just be a Ploy-tec GTI. Not sure on the engine, it might be the regular engine that the GTI 130 uses. But there is going to be a bigger spark and Seadoo might use the name GTS. I knew something fishy was going on with the GTS. Not sure if it will have iBR or manual reverse but the price point will be less than the GTI 130 and more than the Fully loaded 3up Spark ($8499???). Very excited about this one!!! A GTI 130 with a plastic hull will be super fast, but I don’t know Seadoo is going after Speed on this one. They might be tapping the Rental market or the in-between that the 2016 GTS was lacking. 

So be on the look out for the Spark to “branch off” to other types and it slowly take over. I do know this will take time because Seadoo has too much invested in the new 1630ACE. Imagine a 1630NA inside a Plastic GTI body – Good bye GTR you have been replaced. (hint hint).

Update: That new handlebars I was talking about above is for a new model Spark. Its separate from the Plastic GTI that I was talking about. This new Spark is built for the people who like to “freestyle” on the Spark. Its a 2 up Spark with new foot rest and a very odd color scheme “think bold and crazy”. The handlebars will be adjustable and that is why they look like that. Not sure of the engine, but it might have more power to it. This is more Spark-X then the Plastic GTI. This new Spark Freestyle should be super playful and easy to get vertical (so a maybe 110hp?)! Expect to see more Spark branching out like I said above.


I have noticed some odd rebates on the RXT and RXP models so be on the look out for them. I worry about the RXT, its a great machine, but if the 1630 comes to the other models then the RXT might be the odd child out.

Also Seadoo is planning on doing a RXP 260 for 2017? I wonder about that. It could have been a mistake so I’m not sure on that.

Update: I think I was on to something. RXP-X is getting a little brother. Not sure on the full details, but something is going on with a 2-seater Seadoo and it’s not an RXP-X.

New Colors

I do see new colors coming, but mostly to the GTX series.

The blue GTI SE should also change too, but I got a good feeling its going to be a mostly WHITE body or maybe Yellow.

I’m thinking a green RXP-X along with the red one.

Update: The GTX Limited iS 260 is going to see a big change, but not in the way you think. The word is that the Intelligent Suspension is going away and only the regular suspension is sticking around. Kind of a bummer, but to be honest you can’t tell the difference between the iS and S models when in the chop. So it will be GTX S Limited 260. Also don’t think the engine is going to change either. 


I see bluetooth built-in speakers coming to the market soon for Seadoo. They did make the glove box bigger on the S3 bodies which would make it convenient to add a small speaker system to it.

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