2024 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

This is the time of year when jet ski manufacturers start to release new models for the upcoming year. Yamaha was quick with the launch and has introduced some interesting changes, especially to the engines and upcoming designs. This year marks a significant shift for Yamaha and the entire watercraft industry, as they strive for

2024 Sea-Doo Watercraft – What’s New

Sea-Doo has unveiled its new models for 2024, accompanied by a range of enticing features that I’m eager to go into. 2024 feels like a return to normal, where new significant changes happen. I’m not saying the last few years have been uneventful, just that things feel “normal” again. Before we start, I suggest checking

Jet Ski Horsepower – Specs, Speed & Features

Jet skis have become a popular recreational activity, especially during the summer months. These watercraft offer an exciting way to enjoy the water, and their performance is greatly influenced by the amount of horsepower they have. The horsepower of a jet ski affects many things, from towing, top speed, carrying capacity and more. In this