Can You Ride a Jet Ski at Night?

No, you can not ride a jet ski at night. I’ve seen far too many people attempt to modify their jet ski to drive at night to only be hit with a fine or get hurt. There is no winning this battle; you can not drive a jet ski at night. When Can You Ride … Read more

How Shallow Can a Jet Ski Go?

There is a huge misconception when it comes to jet skis and how deep of water they can operate. Many people think that since a jetski doesn’t have an outdrive, you can go in shallow water. This is not true. You should avoid going less than 3 feet deep of water while on your jet … Read more

2020 Sea-Doo vs. Yamaha vs. Kawasaki

To make the jet ski buying process easy I’ve gone through and compared every 2020 Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. I’ll try to be unbiased as possible, but my background is more Sea-Doo. If anyone or any manufacturer finds any errors, please leave a comment at the bottom, and I’ll correct it. Here is the 2021 … Read more