Can Am Spyder F3 Review

The Spyder F3 was one of the very first machines I reviewed or even talked about on my site and one of the first YouTube videos I did on my channel. The F3 was created to break the mold once again from what people thought a motorcycle should be. To be honest with you the F3 is the best Spyder

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First Review of the F3 Spyder

can am spyder f3

I finally got my hands on the new Can Am F3 Spyder and let me tell you this is not what I expected. This new Can AM Spyder is so different that Its hard to even call it a Spyder. The F3 just screams cool, and definitely the best looking motorcycle on the market!   How cool is this, its

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List of Can Am Spyder Gas Mileage

spyder cluster gas

What is the number one question I get from new Spyder owners is “what’s the gas mileage?” Its a valid question to ask but does not a one true answer. Your MPG is going to be different for every person since everyone has a different driving style. Also every Spyder is a little different especially the new 1330 ACE engine

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