Jet Ski Horsepower – Specs, Speed & Features

Jet skis have become a popular recreational activity, especially during the summer months. These watercraft offer an exciting way to enjoy the water, and their performance is greatly influenced by the amount of horsepower they have. The horsepower of a jet ski affects many things, from towing, top speed, carrying capacity and more. In this

Sea-Doo Driving Modes & Keys [Explained]

Sea-Doo jet skis have multiple different driving modes and key options, with each one doing something unique. Not many Sea-Doo owner’s know about all these driving modes or what they do, so in this post I want to cover them and when you should use them. Sea-Doo is not the only one with different driving

Jet Ski Jet Pump & How It Works

What makes a jet ski so different from other boats is that they use a jet pump instead of an exposed propeller. While a jet ski uses an impeller and a boat uses a propeller, they’re not too different. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. In this post, I want to go over jet