25 Tips – New Jet Ski Buyers Guide

jet ski showroom line up

It’s time to spill the beans on buying a new jet ski from a dealership in this new jet ski buyers guide. After selling a lot of jet skis, I have compiled a list of the mistakes customers make. I’ll also list off the things you can do to get a better deal on your … Read more

Used Jet Ski Buyers Guide

Let’s admit it, buying a used jet ski can be tricky and complicated. This is why I poured everything I know about buying used jet skis into one ebook. I have over 10 years of experience at a dealership selling/buying jet skis, I’ve come across it all and placed it into a PDF ebook to … Read more

What Used Sea Doo Should You Buy?

I’ve been working on and selling Seadoo Watercraft for quite a few years. I’ve seen and driven just about every model Seadoo has come out with. I also worked on them too. What I want to do is go through every model of Seadoo Watercraft and point out the ones that I would consider good … Read more