Why Are Jet Skis So Big?!

Sea-Doo spark adjustable handle bars are big

These things are HUGE! or This thing is the SIZE OF A BOAT! I would get this all the time when someone was seeing a jet ski in person for the first time. I got this comment so often that I’m surprised I’ve never written about it before. Let’s go over why jet skis are

Can You Leave Your Jet Ski in the Water?

corrosion from salt water for jet ski

Can you leave your jet ski in the water? You can, but it’s not recommended. If you check your owner’s manual, you’ll even see that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. How long can you keep your jet ski in the water? That depends, is it freshwater or saltwater? Like we mentioned it’s best to not

Can You Wakeboard Behind a Jet Ski?

different jet ski that can be used for wakeboarding

Yes, you can wakeboard or wakeskate or even tube behind a watercraft. Things like rider weight and what jet ski you use do affect it, but most jet skis will allow you to pull something. The Law Most states and countries require you to follow certain rules for pulling anything behind your watercraft. Since there are