Jet Ski Horsepower – Specs, Speed & Features

Jet skis have become a popular recreational activity, especially during the summer months. These watercraft offer an exciting way to enjoy the water, and their performance is greatly influenced by the amount of horsepower they have. The horsepower of a jet ski affects many things, from towing, top speed, carrying capacity and more. In this

How To Change The Oil In A Jet Ski (7 Steps)

If you own a 4-stroke jet ski, changing the oil is a maintenance item you need to do at least every year or every 50 hours. Doing regular oil and filter changes is one of the more important maintenance procedures you can do for your watercraft. All jet skis use high performance engines and need

Jet Ski Warranties – Let’s Talk About Them

Jet ski warranties can be confusing and often bring along many questions like… During manufacturer promotions, should you get the extra warranty or the money off? Do dealers make money off extended warranties? Should you get the extended warranty? What does your warranty cover? Do mods void your warranty? All these questions and more will

Jet Ski Terms

I’ve noticed that specific terms get thrown around a lot when talking about jet skis that many people might not know. Words like iBR, RIDE, ECO, etc. are foreign to new riders. This is why I’m creating this post to have one place to point to for such words that relate to jet skis. This