Best Jet Ski Solar Battery Charger [Maintain Battery]

I’m a huge fan of solar battery chargers for jet skis, out of necessity, after seeing so many jet ski customers having trouble maintaining their batteries. Like clock work, customers were coming in every year at the start of the season with dead batteries. Some customers tried to solve this problem with battery switches, but

How Often Should You Flush a Jet Ski?

Jet skis take in water to cool and muffle the engine and exhaust. This brings into question of how often should you flush or rinse out your jet ski? Is it every ride? Once a season? Or even never? After flushing your jet ski, should you rinse off the engine and pump? All these questions

How to De-Winterize a Jet Ski – 11 Simple Steps

The new riding season is starting, and soon enough we’ll be hitting the water with our jet skis. Since many jet skis were winterized a few months ago, we’ll need to de-winterize them. Let me walk you through what I do to de-winterize a jet ski before the riding season. 1. Charge Your Battery Before