Sea-Doo Supercharger Maintenance – Rebuild, Costs and Tips

There are plenty of confusing aspects around Sea-Doo’s supercharger maintenance, rebuild intervals and the cost that comes with it. You have what Sea-Doo says, and then you have the “playing it safe” option. I created this post to go over your options and answer some questions people have about Sea-Doo’s superchargers. Important: If you’re confused

How To Winterize A Jet Ski In 6 Steps

The season is ending, and if it gets below 40F/5C where you live, you should winterize your jet ski. This guide will show you how to winterize your jet ski, how to de-winterize, and answer the common questions I get about jet ski winterizations. If you need the full de-winterize guide click here. Supplies You

How To Break In A New Jet Ski [Sea-Doo]

Buying a new jet ski is an awesome experience, but your sales person may have told you (or not) about breaking in your new jet ski engine. What does that mean? I know many of you are eager to get on the water and start having fun on your PWC, but there are a few

Can You Run Your Watercraft Out Of Water?

I often get asked if you can run your jet ski out of the water, or can a jet ski be run on a trailer? This fear comes from other forms of boats that require them to be in the water before starting. Watercraft use a totally different system for cooling the engine. There are