How To Break Seadoo Watercraft Engine In

If you’re reading this then you have bought a new Seadoo Watercraft and you have been told you need to break the engine in. But what does that mean? It can be quite confusing when you’re told by your dealership or after you read the owners manual that you got to “break the engine in”. … Read more

What Used Sea Doo Should You Buy?

I’ve been working on and selling Seadoo Watercraft for quite a few years. I’ve seen and driven just about every model Seadoo has come out with. I also worked on them too. What I want to do is go through every model of Seadoo Watercraft and point out the ones that I would consider good … Read more

Suspension… On A Jet SKi???

You better believe it! Seadoo has a watercraft that has suspension. If a boat with suspension doesn’t blow your mind then I don’t know what will. Also lets not forget that Sea Doo has a suspension model that also can automatically adjust to the water conditions to soften the ride. Automatically! Suspension – The Lesser Known … Read more

Do Jet Ski’s Come With Trailers?

jet ski trailer does not come with the watercraft

I work at a Sea Doo Dealership and one of the most common questions I get is “Do Jet Ski’s come with a Trailer?”. Jet Skis DO NOT come with trailers. Well, not the modern ones. There was the LRV’s that came with trailers, but it’s been a decade when those were around. So What Kind … Read more