How To Dock A Jet Ski [Easy-Way]

Probably the number one fear of many new jet ski owners is docking, especially on drive up lifts. Docking a jet ski is easy, but it does require some patience and practice. In this post, I want to show you how to dock a jet ski, put it on a drive up lift, and tips

Best Jet Ski Solar Battery Charger [Maintain Battery]

I’m a huge fan of solar battery chargers for jet skis, out of necessity, after seeing so many jet ski customers having trouble maintaining their batteries. Like clock work, customers were coming in every year at the start of the season with dead batteries. Some customers tried to solve this problem with battery switches, but

Do Jet Skis Have Bilge Pumps [Yes & No]

Most boats tend to have a system to remove water from its hull, or bilge as it’s called, and that system is a bilge pump. Most bilge pumps come on automatically, with many having the option to manually turn one on. No boat is a perfect seal, so having a pump to suck out the