Jet Ski Helmet – Do You Need One?

what helmet to wear on a jet ski

Most states require you to wear a Helmet for your Motorcycle. If a Jet Ski is the Motorcycle of the water wouldn’t wearing a helmet make sense? Yes, wearing a helmet would make sense on a Jet Ski but there is more to it. The amazing part is that most states don’t require helmets at all on watercraft. I want

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What to Wear on a Jet Ski

Did you know there is a proper dress code for riding a Jet Ski? Sure, a swimsuit is fine but it’s not everything you need. There is actually safety concerns when not wearing the correct jet ski riding gear and clothing. If you don’t believe me, then hop on your jet ski and read the owners manual or warning stickers.

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Best Shoes to Wear On a Jet Ski

Having the correct gear when riding a watercraft is very important. This goes for footwear like shoes, sandals, and flip-flops. Wearing the wrong shoes when riding a Jet Ski can actually cause you to lose grip and really hurt yourself.  The problem you’ll run into when picking the best jet ski shoes is that there is too many to choose from.

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The Best Jet Ski Covers

best jet ski covers Sea-Doo Yamaha Kawasaki must have spark accessories

The 2 worst things for your jet ski is the Sun and Water. Ironic isn’t it, but it’s true! This is why finding the best Jet Ski cover is so important. What size do you need? Will it hold up? Is it even worth it? All those questions and more I answer below. What Size Jet Ski Cover Do You

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