Jet Ski Won’t Take Off Or Accelerate

jet ski gauge with rpm and hours not taking off

If this sounds like your jet ski… Then we have some ideas as to what could be the problem below. Sucked Something Up One of the most common things for a jet ski not wanting to take off is from sucking something up. Sucking up things into your jet ski can lead to cavitation. You

Lost Seadoo Key – How To Get A New One

seadoo key rf

Losing the key to your Sea-Doo is not a fun adventure. Sometimes people would forget where they put their key, or a friend loses it… whatever the reason you need a new key.  So what can you do to get a new key?  Just like your car, your Sea-Doo watercraft has a code built into

Reasons Why Your Jet Ski Won’t Start

It’s time to update this post after answering hundreds of comments from readers and helping them with their jet ski starting problems. I’ve added more things to try when your jet ski is refusing to start, along with many new tips. It can be frustrating when your jet ski won’t start, but with this new