Scarab Jet Boat Overview

I’ve noticed that there is not much info out on the Scarab Jet Boats. So I’ve compiled the brochure along with videos and information on the whole lineup of Scarab Jet Boats. Make sure to share this with your friends on Facebook! These are wonderful boats and the world should know about them. Important: These … Read more

Scarab 165G (Ghost) Release

Looks like Scarab is going to be releasing a new model of the 165 called the Ghost. Called the Scarab 165G which the “G” stands for “Ghost” is a new entry model of the 165.  Ghost (Great Name) Let me first start off saying that the name Ghost is a great name. At first I … Read more

2016 Scarab 255 Review

I got to play with the new 2016 Scarab 255 Jet Boat recently and boy did I enjoy it. Its been a while since I’ve been in a new Jet Boat of this size. Actually the Scarab 255 is probably the biggest Jet Boat I’ve ever been in. Sure I mastered the Seadoo Challenger 230 … Read more

Scarab 165 – Let’s Make a Deal

Following the “Price is right” Scarab is now going to be giving away another Scarab 165 on “Let’s Make a Deal”. With Scarab bold beautiful lines it’s no wonder it gets massive attention when its shown on the TV. Several questions may be popping in your head after watching the “Let’s Make a Deal” episode … Read more