Jet Ski Locks – PWC Security and Tips

jet ski lock and security

There is no doubt about it; jet skis are cool! Not only cool to you and me, but also really cool to thieves too! Even with modern-day watercraft having a great level of security protection built-in, you should still take measures to secure and lock your jet ski. This need for protection becomes even more

Jet Ski Cover Tips and Common Questions

group of jet skis with covers

If you’re a jet ski owner, you know the unmatched thrill of riding the waves, feeling the rush of speed and freedom. But as much as you love your watercraft, it needs protection from the elements. That’s where the often-overlooked hero comes in—the jet ski cover. In this post, I’ll go into the important role

Jet Skiing With Your Phone [7 Places To Keep It]

Your cell phone is probably the most important thing you keep on you at all times. So, it only makes sense to carry it with you everywhere you go, even when jet skiing. Where you keep your phone is important, you don’t want it to get wet or damaged while riding a jet ski. I’ve

How To Clean A Jet Ski Seat

One of the hardest things to clean on a jet ski has got to be the seats and other soft surfaces. It’s amazing how dirty and also how mold can show up in such areas. For years, I’ve looked for the best cleaners to use on jet ski seats, and I think I have finally

How To Get Water Out Of Jet Ski Footwells

The amount of water a jet ski footwell holds is something that many jet ski owners don’t realize until after owning a jet ski for a while. You would think it would be simple, or better yet, some manufacturer would have figured out how to keep water out of the footwells, but it’s not that