Your Jet Ski Needs an iPhone?

iphone for PWC

I never thought the day would come when I would say “Your jet ski needs an iPhone”. But it makes sense when you start to think about it. With a Smartphone in your jet ski, you’ll have… A phone for emergencies. Don’t have to worry about damaging your new phone or losing it on the … Read more

Jet Ski Locks – PWC Security and Tips

jet ski lock and security

There is no doubt about it; Jet Skis are cool! Not only cool to you and me but also really cool to thieves too! Even with modern-day watercraft having a great level of security protection built-in, you should still take measures to secure and lock your jet ski. This need for protection becomes even more … Read more

Jet Ski Cover Tips and Common Questions

group of jet skis with covers

Let’s talk about covers. Let’s also answer some of the common questions people have about them and some helpful tips that can make your life a little easier. Do You Need A Cover? Yes! What is the Best Jet Ski Cover? – The best jet ski cover is going to be ones made for your exact model … Read more