How to Clean a Jet Ski Seat

Dirty Sea-Doo Spark seat

One of the hardest things to clean on a Jet Ski has got to be the seats. It’s amazing how dirty and also how mold can show up on your seats. I’ve searched for years looking for the best cleaner to clean up and get rid of the black mold that grows on the seats … Read more

How to get water out of Footwells on Jet Ski

jet ski foot wheel

One of the biggest problems with having a Jet Ski is getting water stuck in the footwells. You would think the manufacturer would have figured it out by now to add a drain. It’s a constant battle at the dealership to keep water out of watercraft’s footwells after a serious rainfall. Even with a cover … Read more

How to Charge a Jet Ski Battery

The way you charge your jet ski battery is very simple and not too different if you were charging a battery in a car. It’s important to read the directions on your battery charger before using it, but these are some general directions that can help you. How to Charge a Jet Ski Battery To … Read more