2016 Seadoo Vs Yamaha Watercraft

One of the most common questions I get is Sea-doo watercraft VS. Yamaha™ waverunner. It’s a fair question to ask since they’re the big names in the industry. It can be hard to really see the difference in them since there is so much info out there. In this post, I want to point out … Read more

2016 GTI 130 Review

The Seadoo GTI 130 is a step above the Seadoo Spark. When you step up to the GTI you get some new features and a bigger engine. This is going to be a review on the Seadoo GTI and what it has to offer. GTI vs Spark If you’re looking at a GTI 130 you … Read more

2016 Seadoo GTI Limited 155 Review

The GTI Limited 155 is the start of the luxury watercraft. All the limiteds come with a lot features and accessories that most everyone needs. So getting a limited model pretty much got you covered for all the things you’ll need when it comes to owning a watercraft. This is going to be a little … Read more

2016 Seadoo GTX Limited 300 Review

We shouldn’t play favorites, but I do when it comes to watercraft. In 2015 my Favorite was the RXT 260 because of all the features and the engine you got with it. Now in 2016 my new Favorite is the GTX Limited 300. 2017 Update: The 2017 GTX Limited 300 is pretty much the same as … Read more