2016 Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 Review

wake pro ski pylon tube rope

The Wake models ( Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215) are very unique watercraft since they don’t have any competitors. No other manufacture even makes a Wake model with all the features that Seadoo has standard on them. To be honest the Wake Models are the best value with the most features you can get … Read more

2016 Seadoo New Model Line Up Release

Sea Doo has finally released what they’re going to do for 2016. It looks like a lot of my predictions came true. We also got some new and interesting updates that many will not mention, but luckily we got them. Don’t forget to check out the Must Have Accessories for Jet Ski’s.  300HP We all … Read more

2016 Seadoo Predictions Part 2

spark panels

Its August 27th 2015 and I have some new updates about the new line of Seadoo Watercraft. The official release of the 2016 Sea Doo Watercraft will be released in mid September, but I got some more information to really get you excited about whats to come. Most of what is posted below can be … Read more

2015 Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 Review

The GTI LTD 155 is the start of of the Luxury Class of Seadoo Watercraft. The 155HP engine allows this machine to give you all the power you would need while giving you all the features you crave. Hi, my name is Steven. I created this review to help show people who are looking to … Read more