2015 GTI SE 130 Review

What do you do when the Sea Doo Spark is just too small and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a Jet Ski? You get a Sea Doo GTI! Better yet you’ll probably want the GTI SE 130 since its got all the features you know you want. If I didn’t own a … Read more

Sea Doo Spark Review

What they don’t tell you! So you’re thinking about getting a Seadoo Spark? Is it worth it? YES! and little bit of a no too. The Seadoo Spark is not for everyone. Many people will not like it and will truly think it’s crap. You can’t make everyone happy. I have ridden one and in … Read more

7 Seadoo Spark Features You Didn’t Know About

spark cool trixx

After selling and riding many sparks I’ve come across some features that many people didn’t know about the spark. You’ll be amazed by the features that Sea-Doo doesn’t tell you in the brochure and even their own website. 1.Modular Body The great thing about the Spark is that its made of out of material called … Read more

The 5 Most Common Types of jet ski

Throughout the years there has been a wide variety of jet skis from standups to 4 seater monster jet skis and even models that could attach to a boat. Nowadays there is a nice selection of jet skis to choose from recreational to performance and everything in between. We will go through all the different types … Read more

Seadoo Spark

Seadoo Sparks for sale

The seadoo spark is made out of plastic material called poly-tec which gives it a whole new look and design never seen before on a personal watercaft. This poly-tec material also allows the spark to be lighter, making it almost half the weight of its closet fiberglass brother. This weight reduction does wonders for the … Read more