2019 Yamaha Waverunner – Good, Bad, and the Ugly

looking at the 2019 Yamaha good and bad

Yamaha just released their 2019 models, and I thought I would give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many people consider me more of a Sea-Doo guy but Yamaha has done some great stuff this year, and I really want to point them out. I also want to point out the stupid things

2016 Seadoo Vs Yamaha Watercraft

One of the most common questions I get is Sea-doo watercraft VS. Yamaha™ waverunner. It’s a fair question to ask since they’re the big names in the industry. It can be hard to really see the difference in them since there is so much info out there. In this post, I want to point out

10 Types Of Jet Skis: What To Buy

Many people new to jet skis are often surprised to find out that there are multiple types and categories of jet skis on the market. Jet skis do more and have features that most don’t realize, from the simple to the more interesting ones like BRAKES and tow sport accessories. In this post, I want