A Comfortable Spark Seat

If you ever wondered what watercraft I own then you might be surprised that it is a Seadoo Spark. I really love my Spark!

Here it is on the day I took it out of the showroom. I literally dragged it out of the showroom and manually winched it on the trailer. That is how excited I was. It’s also the first Spark we uncrated.

I took this bad boy out that night and rode it till the sun went down. I ride my Sea-Doo Spark often and really love it. It’s great on gas which was the biggest reason why I got it.

I can go on for days and talk about the good things like the gas mileage, fun, powerful, playful, and so many features of the Spark. But there is one, and really only one complaint I have about it.

This problem faces many other people who ride motorcycles, dirt bikes, and even ATVs. The seat starts to hurt after a while. So what can you do?

A Comfortable Seat

Well, you make the seat more comfortable. At first, I overthought the problem. I wanted to take the seat to an upholstery guy and have them add more foam. Not the best solution.

So I dug deep and found out what motorcycle riders were using since you know the Spark is really a motorcycle of the water.

What I found was theĀ Airhawk Medium Cruiser Pad (Amazon Link Ad).

It really is simple. You inflate it to about 20% to 40%, depending on the rider, and strap it to the spark seat. It works amazing!

This little pad has made my Spark more fun in the rough waters and makes longer adventure rides less painful on the butt. This pad along with my new riding gloves makes riding all day so much more fun. If you don’t have riding gloves then you need them, I know it looks funny but it really helps!

I thought I’ll add this tidbit to the world. Not saying everyone needs this, but if you’re like me and your butt starts to hurt from riding then please check this seat pad.

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