Jet Ski Stereo Music Hack – Tunes on the Water

What do you do when you want to listen to your music while on your jet ski? You have several options, some that are expensive to others that really won’t cost you a thing. Sometimes you gotta have your music when you’re out cruising on your watercraft.

The worst case scenario

The most expensive option would be to get you a stereo system installed by a professional. You can find professional sound system installer everywhere, most places that do cars will also do boats and jet skis.

It can cost a pretty penny but this way offers you the most sound, cleanest install, and the most features possible.

It won’t help resale value but once you have it installed it can be a nice addition to the jet ski.

Retro Fit

You can get a portable speaker that uses Bluetooth as a speaker for your jet ski. They range in price. You get what you pay for with these Bluetooth speakers but they’ve got to be the best option if you want sound on your watercraft or boat.

They have a built-in battery that will last for hours and work with all modern phones and iPods. This is actually what I do. Here a Waterproof IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker (Amazon Link Ad) I use for my Sea-Doo Spark and I use my iPhones Bluetooth to play my music through it. The speaker is plenty loud enough and a little hack I did was to place some velcro on the bottom of it to keep it from sliding around when I’m cutting up on the jet ski. Using a Bluetooth Speaker is the best way to listen to music while on your jet ski.

Also when you beach on a island you can bring the music with you!

Avoid doing this

Avoid using headphones. This is a big no-no! Covering your ears while riding a jet ski is often illegal in some states since it blocks one of your senses. This is also a good way to ruin your mp3 player because if you get wet then it will get wet too.

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