9 Must Have Snowmobile Accessories

There is nothing like riding a snowmobile, it’s hard to relate it to anything else in the world. There is also nothing like going out on a new snowmobile ride and not having the correct gear with you.

We all know about the common stuff like helmets and jackets, but what about the other gear you can never think of until you need it? This is what this post is about. I list off the must-have snowmobile accessories that you might not know about or would have never thought to bring.



Some snowmobiles have a security system on them to keep theft down, but even that doesn’t always stop people. You can buy a Lock that goes on to the track to keep it locked in place.


Dry Box

You have things like phones, registration, jewelry, and other valuable things you need to carry around with you. So what do you keep it in?

A dry box like this one is the best bet for you to keep things from getting damaged from the ride bumps and from dropping them in the snow.

Sometimes the storage on snowmobiles is not good enough to keep the weather out so a dry box is a must have to keep registration papers safe and dry.


Solar Charger

I’m probably the most paranoid person when it comes to having a charged-ready-go battery for my snowmobile. There is nothing worse than a dead or weak battery. Plus the cold and batteries really don’t like each.

So this is why I use a simple solar panel like this one to make sure my battery stays charged. Most of these chargers have quick connects to attach it to the solar panel and then you can lay it on the sled or hang it off to the side. You don’t need direct sunlight to keep the battery alive, you just need it out and somewhere it can get some sun.

If you leave the sled out when you’re done with it for the season then keeping a solar panel on the battery will keep it alive so that its ready for the next riding season. I won’t go past a 5-watt solar panel for these machines, a 2.5 or 1.8-watt panel will work fine too.

Letting the battery sit for too long especially in the cold kills it, but the solar panel smacks it alive every time it get some sun.



Avalanche Beacon

If you plan on doing any backcountry or mountain riding then you would be stupid not to buy an avalanche beacon. They’re simple to use and could save your life or friends life.

Don’t just buy one, learn it inside and out and always have a good set of batteries in it. This is one of those things you don’t want to joke around with, so if you plan on riding somewhere near an avalanche area whether its snowmobile, skiing, or whatever – get an avalanche beacon.


Folding Snow Shovel

Along the same lines as the beacon, a folding snow shovel is a smart thing to have. To be honest a shovel is good for a lot of things that you really don’t know until you really need one.



Gloves and Goggles

gloves do fall into the categories of common things you think about when needing accessories for a snowmobile but feel like I should still mention it to cover all ground.


Let’s not forget the goggles too. Eye protection is key when you start to move fast in the cold air. Not having the correct eye gear can really hurt you if you’re not careful. The fast-moving air really dries the eyes out when you’re riding on a snowmobile.



So what do you do when you need to move your sled around on a flat surface? What if you need to work on it or just move it around in the garage when the riding season is over?

You get something like Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System to make moving it around on flat surfaces a lot easier. They’re simple platforms with casters on them to help you move the snowmobile around. I would stick to flat surfaces when using dollies like these.


Hot Meals

If you ride a lot on the trails, having a nice hot meal is the best thing in the world. To do that you need to either get a fire going or use a grill going to heat up the food. The problem is that you probably don’t want to wait for the food to cook.

What if you go riding and when you stop your food is already cooked? Well, that is what a Muff Pot does.

You attach it to the muffler and place your food in it and it cooks it after you have been riding for some time. Do keep in mind that the muffler does get hot and make sure the muff pot is completely closed before you start to cook the food.

Here is a nice video showing more about it…



When you’re not using your machine it’s nice to keep it clean as possible. This can be hard to do without having a cover.

You can a cover for your snowmobile just about anywhere that sells snowmobile related stuff. It’s a great investment to have, especially if have a riding season. You got to make sure you get a cover that fits your sled. I just default going for covers like this one for my snowmobile.

It’s better for the cover to get damaged over time than your snowmobile, so don’t go cheap and make sure to get a good cover that fits your sled perfectly!

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