How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost? 2023 Jet Ski Price Chart

A new jet ski will cost anywhere from $6,000 to $21,000 depending on the engine, body, and features you intend to buy. The average cost of a jet ski is about $13,800. The cheapest jet ski is the Sea-Doo Spark 60HP at $5,999. The most expensive jet ski is the Sea-Doo RXP-X Apex at $20,999.

7 Seadoo Spark Features You Didn’t Know About

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After selling and riding many sparks I’ve come across some features that many people didn’t know about the spark. You’ll be amazed by the features that Sea-Doo doesn’t tell you in the brochure and even their own website. 1.Modular Body The great thing about the Spark is that its made of out of material called

The 5 Most Common Types of jet ski

Throughout the years there has been a wide variety of jet skis from standups to 4 seater monster jet skis and even models that could attach to a boat. Nowadays there is a nice selection of jet skis to choose from recreational to performance and everything in between. We will go through all the different types