PWC Battery Charger — What to Buy

If you ever feel like you’re buying a new battery for your jet ski every year, then a battery charger is a must have for you. The reason why your battery dies so quickly is that you’re not using your jet ski enough. Batteries go flat if they don’t get used, the same thing would happen to your car if you left it to sit as much as your jet ski.

The next question you might have is “what battery charger do I get?. This is what we want to answer in this post. It’s not what you might expect.

Best Battery Charger/Tender For Jet Skis

The best charger has got to be a Solar Charger like this one here. The reasons are simple…

  • It’s easy to setup.
  • Most are water resistant (It’s a jet ski, so you’ll be near water).
  • Better for the environment (uses the free energy from the Sun).
  • Works if there is a power outage.
  • Doesn’t need to be in direct sunlight, just needs to go on the outside of the watercraft.
  • Can be stored away quickly and put out just as quick.
  • Don’t need to be plugged in – great if you store your PWC somewhere with no power.

It honestly only makes sense to have a solar charger. I’ve had customers in the past ask me to get complicated battery switches and wall chargers to setup for their machines. I never understood why anyone wanted to go through this much trouble? Keep it simple!

A solar charger is not meant to charge a dead battery(works more like a trickle charger), it’s meant to keep the battery alive and topped up. If the battery doesn’t get used for weeks or even months, it goes dead. The battery drains a little at night, and by day the solar charger restores that charge. This cycling is what makes the battery happy and allows it to be able to start for you every time you want to ride.

It’s easy to forget about the jet ski and when you do want to ride nothing is worse than finding out the battery is dead. You avoid this issue by keeping the battery charged.

Wall Chargers

You can still use wall chargers if you want. If you have power where you keep your PWC, then a battery charger works well.

Just make sure to buy a Battery Tender Junior 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger like this one here so that it doesn’t overcharge the battery. Overcharging the battery can be just as bad as letting it die.

Keep The Battery Connected?

It’s okay to keep the battery connected when charging so long as the charging rate is under 2 amps.

Going over 2 amps could fry the electronics, and this is why they say never to jump a jet ski from a car because it supplies way too many amps.

Fast Charging

It’s best to avoid using fast chargers as they go over the 2 amps that I recommend keeping under. Plus, a fast charger could fry the electronics of the watercraft.

The only thing I know to do if you need to start the jet ski fast is to have a jump pack like this one here. Not only can you jump your jet ski with it but some can even start a car if you need it in an emergency. But this is not a full solution if you need it now, but great to have in the future as batteries will die again and you’ll be better prepared next time.


  • I’m an old guy that just bought a 3 up IBR Spark to pull my grand kids around. I’ve rented jet skis before, but never owned. I greatly appreciate your advise…I thought I new a lot but now I know much more. One great thing was the assy of the rear step, which the dealer forgot to put on. I told him I would put it on myself…just two screws and the holes are already drilled. I did not think about the chances of the holes leaking….. I am also keeping it in the water. THANK YOU…I will definitely use sealer.

  • What is your recommendation for battery charger if I store the jet ski at marina storage indoors? Thank you.

    • Only worry about keeping the battery charged if you don’t plan on riding your jet ski for more than a month or two. Honestly, the battery won’t die if you don’t ride or charge it for a month or two. It’s when people forget to ride or charge the battery over the winter which can last for several months. If you live somewhere that gets cold and you have to winterize your jet ski I would recommend pulling the battery out and keeping a smart battery charger on it through the winter. It’s important to use a smart charger as it will turn on and off as the battery needs it.

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