Scarab 165 – Let’s Make a Deal

Following the “Price is right” Scarab is now going to be giving away another Scarab 165 on “Let’s Make a Deal”. With Scarab bold beautiful lines it’s no wonder it gets massive attention when its shown on the TV. Several questions may be popping in your head after watching the “Let’s Make a Deal” episode with the scarab as the prize. Like where do I get one? How much is one? How many models does Scarab have to offer?

The Scarab Boat they’ll be giving away on the Let’s Make a Deal and also on the Price is right is a Scarab 165. One of my personal favorite boats and It just so happens that I have video of this boat and video of me driving this boat!


The next in the line up is the Scarab 195. All of Scarab Jet Boats are powered by a Rotax Engine that has closed loop cooling so that you don’t have to worry about corrosion and debris clogging the engine. I have a video below showing you the features of the Scarab 195.


Also in the line up is the Scarab 215 and the Scarab 255. The 215 and 255 both are twin engine Jet boats powered by the Rotax engine. With a 500HP engine option you’ll have more than enough power for pulling and waking boarding on the water. Enough room for the entire family, the 215 and 255 is more than enough for anyone.

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