Sea Doo Spark VTS – What’s in the Box!

It was quite odd that Sea Doo didn’t come out with VTS (variable trim system) right away with the Sparks. It only made sense to have VTS on such a nimble watercraft. At least for 2015 Sea Doo finally gave us the VTS we all wanted and in this article we will be talking about what’s in the box and how hard it will be to put one on.

vts yellow box

The VTS comes in Seadoo’s standard yellow box with all the parts and the instructions. I hope that this doesn’t upset you but this kit only works on iBR models only. Also all the major components such as the VTS motor and VTS hardware is already on the iBR models.

Sea Doo being clever like they do, combined the iBR motor and the VTS motor into one to make things a little simpler. So with this kit all your really getting is the button and chip that allows the functions to happen. Not a huge deal breaker as the VTS a highly needed feature for the Spark.

vts in the box

The instructions do say it can take .75 hours to install. I feel like it really doesn’t take that long but I’ve got a little bit experience in putting these things on. The hardest part is figuring out the pins that connect to the button.

Sea Doo Spark VTS3

An added benefit that no one mentions about getting the VTS kit installed on your iBR model Spark is that it will allow you to fine tune neutral. On any jet ski you don’t have a true natural. The neutral on a jet ski is just in between forward and reverse. So the iBR will just sit in the middle but you could always adjust this on the bigger models with iBR using the up and down arrows while in neutral.

Once you have VTS installed on your Spark all you need to do to adjust neutral is to place the watercraft in neutral and then just move the VTS up and down buttons to find the most natural for your craft.

Also for my techs out there you can now move the iBR bucket up and down to be able to get to the pump a little better. Powering on the Spark and holding down the reverse lever will bring up a menu for you move the bucket by pressing the VTS buttons.

5 thoughts on “Sea Doo Spark VTS – What’s in the Box!”

  1. I was told even if u install the vts yourself u still hv to take it to a dealer so they can install the software to make it work? Is this right.cheers

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Spark VTS, but other accessories like the Depth Finder will work as soon as you have everything plugged up. Most of the software is either already installed on the machine or in the dongle they give you. As long as you have everything plugged up correctly it should work without taking it to the dealership. If you haven’t taken it to the dealership in awhile then it might be good to take it as there might be updates to the entire machine.

  2. Can u change the vts on a spark to that of the one from a trixx.the trixx one has more of a degrees on it allowing to wheel stand easier.
    I hv a 3up and need the 3rd seat for cruising with my family but want to be able to wheelstand when I’m on it myself and also retro fit the handle bars.
    I basically want all the goodies from the trixx on to my 3up.cheers

    • The VTS on the standard Spark is different than the Trixx Spark. I do know that there are accessories to help make your Spark more like the Trixx. The best thing to do is call your local dealership and ask them about getting the Trixx VTS. Honestly adding the Trixx handlebars is really the only thing people need if they have a 2up Spark. The VTS just makes it stupid easy to wheelie.

    • You can add the “extended” VTS, which doubles the VTS range (same as on the Trixx) to any 2017+ Spark. There is also an aftermarket piece which extends the VTS range past the standard VTS range but not quite to the range of the extended VTS for 2014-2016 Sparks.


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