2024 Sea-Doo Watercraft – What’s New

2024 Sea-Doo RXP-X 325 making waves

Sea-Doo’s 2024 models come with a range of new features. There are significant updates to Spark and Trixx models, and the return of the GTR-X. Sparks and Trixx are set to feature improved seats, new handholds, LinQ accessory attachments, redesigned audio systems, and larger storage capacities. The GTR-X is now fitted with a 300 HP engine and a larger fuel tank. Other changes include a new engine with more power for the RXP-X and RXT-X models, a Switch Cruise Limited edition with advanced features, and standard iDF on more models.

2023 Sea-Doo Watercraft – What’s new

2023 APEX and explorer

Sea-Doo’s 2023 lineup introduces new models like the RXP-X Apex 300 and Explorer Pro 170, and the Switch Cruise 18 – 230. While many models are carryovers from 2022, these new additions bring exciting features. The RXP-X Apex 300 is a limited edition with unique attributes, while the Explorer Pro offers versatility with its removable windshield and extended rear deck. Sea-Doo also hints at an electric hydrofoil, the RISE, teasing a new direction for the brand in 2024.

A Detailed Review On The Sea-Doo Switch [30 Real Pics & Videos]

Sea-Doo Switch on trailer hooked up to Lake Norman Powersports truck

Are you considering a Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat? I’ve driven one and other jet drive boats, and I’d like to share my experience. Thank you to Lake Norman Power Sports for letting me review one. My Thoughts I feel the Sea-Doo Switch has the potential to revolutionize the boating industry, thanks to Sea-Doo’s exclusive Polytec

2021 Sea-Doo – The Good, Bad, And Ugly

Dive into the 2021 Sea-Doo lineup – it’s a thrilling ride you won’t want to miss. From the all-new RXP-X 300 with its revamped hull, shark gills, and weight reduction to the groundbreaking iDF system that clears debris from your intake, Sea-Doo is pushing the limits. The GTX Limited offers a stunning 7-inch display and a dual-screen setup for jet ski stats and accessory controls. Despite some exciting upgrades, the 2021 release feels a bit lacking, possibly due to current events. However, the iDF system, while innovative, might not solve all debris-related problems. Get all the details on Sea-Doo’s website or watch their informative videos.

2020 Sea-Doo Good, Bad, and the Ugly + Cool

Explore Sea-Doo’s 2020 watercraft lineup, including power upgrades, new hull features, and a surprise on the horizon. The GTI’s 170HP engine and Polytec 2 hull shine. More storage, integrated sound, and watertight phone storage impress. But odd gauges, a missing RXT, and the absence of a Spark-X raise concerns. The coolest revelation: Electric Sea-Doos, solving fuel, maintenance, and range issues for many riders.

Sea-Doo GTI 90 Review

gti 130 90 side

The Sea-Doo GTI 90HP may not be the flashiest or the swiftest, but it’s an exceptional watercraft. Its versatility is its strength, with fuel efficiency, ample space, and innovative features like brakes (iBR) and digital keys. The Polytec bottom keeps it lightweight, making its 90HP engine more than capable. Whether you’re cruising all day or towing tubes, it won’t disappoint. Storage-wise, it’s a champ, staying dry compared to competitors. And the price? A steal, especially when compared to the competition. While it’s not the fastest or most luxurious option, if you’re after a family-friendly all-rounder, the GTI 90HP is unbeatable.

Sea-Doo Spark VS Yamaha EX – Let’s Talk About Them

EX Yamaha vs Spark

Discover the latest in watercraft competition between Yamaha’s EX and Sea-Doo’s Spark. This unbiased review covers key improvements and features of both models, helping you make an informed choice for your jet skiing adventure. Delve into the history of these watercraft and their impact on the market, from affordability to innovative features like iBR. Compare engine horsepower, fuel economy, seating comfort, and storage capacity, and learn about the playful tricks you can perform on these models. Whether you choose Yamaha’s EX or Sea-Doo’s Spark, get ready for an exciting ride and ensure you have the right accessories to complete your experience.

2016 Seadoo Vs Yamaha Watercraft

Discover the key differences between Sea-Doo watercraft and Yamaha™ WaveRunners in this comprehensive comparison. From hull designs to features, learn why Sea-Doo is often considered the better option for jet skis. Explore various models, including the Seadoo Spark, GTI, GTX, and performance models, and see how they stack up against Yamaha™ counterparts. Gain insights into important factors like horsepower, control, comfort, and more, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect personal watercraft for your needs. Don’t miss the insider tips on rider comfort and design details that set Sea-Doo apart.

2016 GTI 130 Review

Explore the Seadoo GTI 130 in this detailed review and discover why it’s a step above the Seadoo Spark. Learn about the key features that set the GTI 130 apart, including its larger engine and enhanced capabilities. Compare the GTI 130 to the Spark, gaining insights into their unique categories and purposes. Dive into the advantages of the GTI 130, such as closed-loop cooling, two digitally programmed keys, and a brake system that makes docking a breeze. Explore the different modes, new grips, comfortable floor mats, ample storage, and the convenience of 4-stroke engines. Make an informed choice for your next watercraft with this comprehensive review.

2016 Seadoo GTI Limited 155 Review

Discover the luxurious features and striking design of the 2016 Sea-Doo GTI Limited 155 in this comprehensive review. Explore the visual appeal of this watercraft, from its flat colors to the textured material that enhances its premium feel. Learn about the comfortable 3-seater arrangement, including passenger strap and grab handles. Dive into the innovative palm rest on the handlebars and the convenience of cruise control. Uncover the benefits of having two keys, one of which is programmable for different speeds. Explore the re-boarding ladder, iBR 2.0 brakes, ample storage, and the impressive 155HP engine.

2016 Seadoo GTX Limited 300 Review

Explore the 2016 GTX Limited 300, a watercraft that offers power, elegance, and remarkable features. This in-depth review covers the essential details you need to know about this impressive machine. Discover its 300HP engine, luxurious amenities like cruise control, and practical features like the retractable dock line. Learn about the new Ergo Lock Seats, improved handlebar grips with palm rests, and the convenience of Seadoo’s digital keys. With various riding modes, a larger rear end, and ample storage, this watercraft is designed for both performance and comfort. Delve into the finer points and discover why the GTX Limited 300 is a top choice for water enthusiasts.

2016 Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 Review

wake pro ski pylon tube rope

Discover the unique Wake models, including the Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215, setting them apart from the competition. These Seadoo watercraft offer an unparalleled combination of features not found elsewhere. Explore the Ski Pylon, Ski Mode, and Wake Board rack, enhancing your watersport experiences. The Ski Mode provides precise control for towing, while the new Ergo Lock Seat ensures comfort during long rides. With adjustable handlebars, advanced braking system (iBR 2.0), multiple ride modes, and thoughtful design details, the Wake Models deliver a superior experience for water enthusiasts. Dive into this comprehensive review to learn why they stand out in the industry.

Let’s Talk 300HP – Seadoo 300HP Model Review

Explore the world of high-powered Seadoo watercraft with 300HP engines. Dive into this review covering the RXT-X, RXP-X, and GTX LTD 300 models, all equipped with the new 1630 ACE engine. Discover what sets these machines apart, from their upgraded engine and maintenance-free supercharger to precision handling and adjustable features. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a fan of luxury and power, or seeking the perfect blend of both, this review breaks down the key features and details you need to make an informed choice. Experience the future of jet skiing with these exhilarating models.

2016 Seadoo New Model Line Up Release

Discover Sea-Doo’s exciting 2016 updates, including the groundbreaking 300HP engine and innovative features like the ErgoLock seat. Dive into the details on the new engine, its impressive power, and the models it’s available in. Explore new seat designs for enhanced comfort and handling. Plus, check out the fresh color options for Seadoo Sparks. Uncover the latest in handlebar grips, battery improvements, and iBR (brakes) technology. Get ready for a thrilling year on the water with Sea-Doo’s 2016 lineup.

2015 Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 Review

Explore the luxurious world of the Seadoo GTI LTD 155 with Steven as your guide. Discover the powerful 155HP engine, exceptional features, and attention to detail that sets this watercraft apart. From front-end convenience to cockpit comfort, learn how Seadoo’s design elevates your riding experience. Dive into the tech specs, closed-loop cooling system, and innovative iBR system for precise control. Steven’s review covers every aspect of the GTI LTD 155, helping you make an informed choice for your next water adventure.

2015 GTI SE 130 Review

Upgrade your Sea-Doo experience with the Sea Doo GTI SE 130 – the perfect solution when the Spark feels too small. Discover why the GTI SE 130 is a top choice, offering impressive features and performance. With a max speed of 55MPH, powerful acceleration, and playful handling, it’s more than you need. Watch the accompanying video to see it in action and decide if it’s your next jet ski upgrade.

Sea-Doo Spark Review – Everything Covered

Blue Spark cleaning

Explore the Sea-Doo Spark, a beloved watercraft known for its affordability and versatility. This comprehensive review covers common questions about the Spark, including models, top speed, durability, and more. Discover the unique features of the Spark, from its lightweight and durable Polytec construction to the options for customization with various colors and graphics. Learn about the gauge display, different engine options, and the convenience package. Gain insights into the closed-loop cooling system and understand how to maintain your Spark for optimal performance. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned enthusiast, this guide provides valuable information about the Sea-Doo Spark.

8 Sea-Doo Spark Features You Didn’t Know About

spark cool trixx

Uncover the hidden gems of Sea-Doo Sparks in this revealing post. Explore features not highlighted in brochures or on the official website, such as its modular body for easy repairs and customization. Learn how the Spark’s power might surprise you, its exceptional fuel efficiency, and why it’s a breeze to work on. Discover the advantages of its lightweight design, making it perfect for tricks and fun. Consider it as the ideal second jet ski for family and friends, and explore its user-friendly display and reliability. Dive into the world of Sea-Doo Sparks and experience watercraft like never before.

10 Types Of Jet Skis: What To Buy

Explore the diverse world of jet skis in this comprehensive guide. Discover the various types, from Rec-Lite to Electric, each with unique features and capabilities. Uncover the evolution of these watercraft, from nimble Rec-Lite models to powerful Performance jet skis. Dive into the world of Tow Sport and Sport Fishing, designed for thrilling adventures on the water. Learn about Luxury models with top-of-the-line features and Adventure jet skis for exploring new horizons. Delve into the legacy of Stand-up models and the exciting future of Electric jet skis. Find the perfect jet ski type to suit your needs and preferences.