2016 Seadoo GTX Limited 300 Review

We shouldn’t play favorites, but I do when it comes to watercraft. In 2015 my Favorite was the RXT 260 because of all the features and the engine you got with it. Now in 2016 my new Favorite is the GTX Limited 300.

The GTX LTD 300 gives you the power but all my favorite extra features with it. For what you get this is probably the best value machine if you want a big engine. I like this machine so much when it came to test ride the prototypes this was the one I wanted to ride first.

2016 gtx ltd 300

I passed up on riding the RXP-X so I could ride this bad boy first.

This is going to be a little review on the 2016 GTX Limited where I like to go into some details you might not get anywhere else.

The Important Stuff First

Probably the most important stuff about the 2016 GTX Limited 300 is the 300HP engine. I’ll be mostly covering the 300 version of the GTX LTD but the the 215HP version has the same stuff as the 300HP version except for the engine.

gtx 300 hp engine

The raw power of this engine is something I’ve never felt before in a watercraft. The take off power was good, but that middle range of RPM’s was just crazy. The power from start to finish never let go and felt like I was riding a mad bull who didn’t want to give up.

I could talk for days about the power of this machine, which I did in this review of the 300HP. 


Lets not forget that the GTX Limited 300 is apart of the Luxury Models. The type of Luxury you get with this models is stuff you’ll never expect.

Cruise Control

This allows you to set the speed you want to ride at. This mode also has a hidden mode of “Slow Speed” Mode. Slow Speed Mode allows you to set the speed for areas like no-wake areas.

palm grips


To help protect your investment you also get a cover that fully covers the whole watercraft. The trick with putting this type of cover on is to do the handle bars first, then the nose, and lastly the rear.

Along with the Cover you get a Safety kit and a dry bag. The glove box will also have a nice liner and organizer for things like your Phone and Sun Glasses.

A Feature That Should Have Been Out Years Ago

The coolest feature just so happens to be the simplest. Retractable Dock Line!!!

limited dock line

Lets be honest, dock lines are messy. You got to find them, then pull them out. Usually the lines are dirty and slimy from the lake.

With the GTX Limited Models you get Speed Ties (Retractable Dock Line) that just pulls out, you tie up, and once done it goes right back into the machine. How clever is that! It doesn’t take much to impress me.

This feature is so clever that I wonder why it took so long to have this? Its clever ideas like this that makes me love selling Seadoo.

New Seat

Besides the engine the next great feature for 2016 was the new Seat. You never really realize how important the seat is on a watercraft until you’re on one for more than a hour. Sure it “feels” alright when you’re at the dealership, but trust me as someone who has sat on many watercraft seats the new Ergo Lock Seats are the best.

300 hp ergo lock seat

The level of detail that went into these new seats that the GTX Limited and many of the other bigger Seadoo models have is a step in the right direction. These seats may not have cooling (hint hint seadoo!) but they do have the comfort down.

The way the seats are design is to cradle you in without wearing your legs out. The foam is angled for people with long legs and people with short legs. The straddle is just right for everyone.

A place for your knees to go and be protected is a huge feature. No other manufacturer has Knee protection like the Ergo Lock has. This plays an important role when riding in rough chop.

The stepped back supports also add a level of comfort for all person riding. This new seat also allowed for bigger glove box storage.

Also, notice how the seat is a light color which keeps cooler on those hot summer days.

I would like to point out that the Seats on this Limited are hinged. If you ever have to do task like changing a battery on a dock then you’ll love having these hinge seats that lift up and out of the way. Other Seats are usually two part and you must find a place for them when out on the dock.

Palm Rest

With the new seats we also have a new style handle bars grips. Seadoo has taken rider comfort to the next level this year. The palm rest cradle the bottom of your palms. This changes everything.

palm rest

Yes I know some thing as simple as support for your palm is a lame thing to mention. But riding can be stressful to your body especially when you have a death grip from hitting that throttle on the 300HP engine.

You don’t realize how much you grip the handle bars until you have ridden for a bit. The palm rest helps to loosen the tension and give you a place to relax. Also now you steer with more of your palm instead of your wrist.

These Palm rest are a must have and I’m working on getting some for my current Seadoo.

You can also move the Handle Bars up and down with a pull of a red lever under the handle bars.

Docking Is Easy

Docking a Seadoo is actually easy. With iBR and iTC its as easy as flipping triggers. On the Handle bars you have two triggers on both sides. The right side is forward and the left is reverse or brakes.

Yes, you heard correctly Seadoo does have Brakes. Sea doo has had brakes since 2009 and in 2016 they have moved on to the second version of iBR (brakes). The new brakes stop sooner and give you even better control when docking.

gtx side view

No other manufacturer has brakes and while they try to catch up Seadoo is already on version 2.0.

Another huge benefit with Seadoo that have iBR is that you start in Neutral. So as you press the start button the machine sit in neutral and waits for your next command. You can even fine tune the neutral of your watercraft using the up and down arrows on the right of the handle bars.

Here is a video of me showing you how to drive a Seadoo…


I would like to point out that all Modern Seadoo’s are 4 stroke engines and they’re fuel injected. Which means its just like your car, press a button to start. Jet Ski’s use to be 2-stroke but they’re being phased out due them polluting the air and water.

Digital Keys

You have two keys with the GTX Limited, a Normal Key and a Learning Key. These keys are digitally encrypted to your Watercraft. Seadoo is really the only manufacture that does this. Others have things like a wireless flob but the problem with that is that it runs on batteries and you can’t get it wet.

The Seadoo Keys are waterproof and even float if you drop them in the water. The keys are also your safety lanyard. The safety lanyard attaches to you by you Life Jacket so if you fall off the engine shuts off and the brakes are applied so you don’t have to go to far after the machine.

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The biggest benefit of these two types of keys is that one is the Learning Key. The Learning Key can be programmed by the Normal to key to only go so fast. You can program it from 32MPH up to 50MPH. The learning key is great for people who are new to watercrafts because it limits the power of the machine.

If you think you’ll never need a Learning Key then make sure to tell your dealer that you want to two fast keys. Both keys are actually the same just different colors. Make sure you mark the key as Fast if you do change it so that you don’t take someone by surprise.

Easy As Sunday Morning

Just because you have 300HP doesn’t mean you need that 300HP all the time. What Seadoo does is that they give you 3 different modes.

You have Touring, ECO, and Sport. As you can tell by the names you can understand what each mode does.

You default to Touring every time you start the engine. Touring mode is just a nice and easy take off to top speed.

gtx 300 color

ECO Mode is like Touring where its a slow takeoff but the top speed is determined by the computer for the best fuel economy. Top Speed is around 45MPH in ECO.

Sport Mode is full power and full take off power. In this mode nothing holds you back. The gauge even warns you that you’re entering Sport Mode and tells the passengers to hold on. You know its serious when the machine has to warn you.

New Battery

In 2016 Seadoo change the battery and its location. This may not concern many people but for me its a nice feature. Having an easy to change battery is a huge feature since its a matter of time before you have to change it.

gtx battery

This battery that they use is a type they use in their ATV division and Sparks. I’ve had great success with this battery. The old battery was fine and the battery cage they used for it was very helpful, but I just like this battery more.

Also, very little tools are needed to take it out. I still use a Solar Panel (Amazon Link Ad) to keep my batteries at tip top shape.

In the picture above notice the black tubing going towards the front of the watercraft. This tubing is the air intakes. Seadoo watercraft pull air from the front of the watercraft where its cooler. Cooler air makes the engine run better, faster, more efficient.

Bigger Back End

Since Seadoo has moved the battery there is no access panels in the rear anymore. This gives you a bigger area in the rear. Also, noticed how the rear mats are flush and smooth so that you don’t cut or bump your toes.

seadoo rear bigger

The mats in the foot wells have the “Sea Doo” name in them at a angle. The Seadoo logo is short and smooth which helps people like me with sensitive feet from hurting after long bumpy rides.

Having nice and smooth mats is an important feature that most missed out on because when you’re shopping you have your shoes on. Other manufacturers use a mat that has high horizontal lines that can hurt your feet over time. It’s always good to have a good set of water-shoes either way.

Also in the rear is a re-boarding Step for helping you get back onto the watercraft from the water. The Step just folds down and goes back up when you’re done with it. This ladder has been designed to give you the most length without creating too much drag. Also, the grip is a nice thick rubber, about twice the size of a normal ladder to really give you something to hold onto. This material also holds up better over the years. Some Manufactures use foam that falls apart or muskrats like to eat and over time all you got left is a cold bare metal bar.

More Storage

The S3 body which the GTX Limited got has always had removable front storage bucket. The bucket is very dry and could be removed very easily.

gtx ltd front storage

What Seadoo did something different in 2016 was that when you removed the front bucket you now have a lined interior with more storage. This now gives you 42 gallons of total storage – or more storage than you’ll ever need. The smaller body GTI’s only have 30 gallons of storage.

removable storage

Under the bucket is where you can keep things like covers, fenders, ropes and such. The bucket is for smaller items that you need to get to quicker. Things like Phones I used a dry bag that I keep in the glove box since it’s easy to get to. The glove box alone is more than enough storage for the average person.

under storage

The picture above is the storage under the front bucket. It has a place for the fire extinguisher and a safety kit.

Gauge Cluster

The Gauge on the 2016 GTX Limited 300HP is probably one of the bigger gauges on the market. A nice and easy to read gauge is key when you’re bouncing in the waves.

GTX limited gauge

You have both an Analog and Digital Gauge that tells you many functions at once. The important part is how big the digital gauge is. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to squint when looking for how fast I’m going. Also, I want to note that the Speed on Seadoos come from 3 satellites that sync up to tell you how fast you’re going.

Notice how the Gauge above has a Matte finish around it to keep the glare of the sun away along with the top bezel.

A neat little feature of this gauge is that its attached to the handle bars so if you move the handle bars up and down the gauge will follow with it. So if you like riding standing up you can still see the gauges.

Of course, you have all the basics functions like Speed, Fuel, RPM and such. On the GTX Limited Models, you also have Depth Finder too!

Here’s a list of the functions you get…

  • Water Temperature
  • Compass
  • Time and Distance to Empty (Tells you down to the minute)
  • Slow Speed Mode
  • VTS
  • And Many More

You might be asking what “VTS” is? VTS is Variable Trim System. This allows you to move the nose up and down to trim it out like you would with a boat.

Off to the sides is the mirrors and all mirrors on the S3 body like the GTX Limited are adjustable mirrors. You must push them with your fingers, no power mirrors.

The Little Details

I like the little details, stuff you’ll miss or don’t really think about. One of the details is the matte finish on the hood and other parts of the watercraft. I like this. Sure it’s not flashy but it also doesn’t show smudges or fingerprints. I wish more watercraft were done in this color or texture.

matt color

The color they use on the body is the kind of color that doesn’t shine unless its in the sun. It’s Black but it’s got some flakes to it. The picture won’t do it justice, you have to see it in person.

Closed Loop Cooling

Seadoo uses the same type of cooling system that your car uses. Seadoo circulates antifreeze through a heat exchanger to keep the engine cooled. Other manufacturers use an open loop system which means it takes in ocean and lake water to cool the engine.

Lake water contains things like pollen that can clog the cooling system and ocean water contains salt that corrodes the engine.

To learn more about Closed Loop Vs Open Loop Click Here.

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I started working at a power sports dealership in 2007, I worked in parts, service counter, and as a technician before moving to sales in 2013. I created in 2014 to answer common watercraft questions I would get from people. Now managing the site full-time, I continue to provide advice and web tools for my readers about watercraft. I've owned several watercraft, with a Sea-Doo Spark as my current main PWC.

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