I Call Them Jet Skis & Not PWC, Waverunner, Watercraft

Sea-Doo fish pro trophy with jetski question mark

There are 3 major watercraft manufacturers on the market, and each one has it’s “own name”. Jet ski is a registered trademark owned by Kawasaki. In the past, you had Honda, Polaris, Tiger Shark and more, but they never fully had their own name like the 3 current models beyond the “generic” watercraft. Even then,

The Most Stable Jet Skis For New Riders & Why It Matters

Two Yamaha VX models on triton double trailer

Finding the most stable jet ski for new riders is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the thrill of jet skiing or simply seeking a reliable watercraft, choosing the right model can make all the difference. From years in the field of jet skis,

What I Learn From Getting My Jet Ski License

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No one discusses the process, the steps you take when getting a jet ski license. I find it freaks people out when they learn they need a license to drive their new watercraft. They think DMV, and it really puts them off buying that new jet ski. It’s honestly not that bad. That is why

Why Don’t Jet Skis Have A Mesh Guard To Protect The Intake?

Sea-Doo intake grate where water enters

The idea of adding a mesh guard to a jet ski’s intake to prevent debris from being sucked in seems sound, but it’s impractical. Two main reasons are: the guard can’t withstand the suction, and it significantly slows the vessel down. All jet skis have an intake grate to partially protect from large objects without affecting power. Sea-Doo’s SAR jet ski has a more protective grate, but it significantly increases the cost. Attempts to manufacture mesh covers have shown how unfeasible and hazardous the idea is.

Here’s Why You Should NOT Jump Start Your Jet Ski With Your Car

batteries in pile on ground

Yes, you COULD use your truck to jump start the dead battery in your jet skis, but it’s not recommended due to the following risks: While it might sound extreme, I’ve seen these problems occur when people attempt to boost the batteries from their trucks. It’s safer to charge your jet ski’s battery instead. The

Does A Jet Ski Fully Sink When Taking On Water?

Work shining on battery you can see foam too

It’s normal for any watercraft to take on some water, especially in rough conditions. From the bailer tubes to the foam inserts, there are things to help with the water that comes in. But many owners do wonder about the worst-case scenario. What would happen if your watercraft started to take on water? Would the

How Jet Skis Keep Their Batteries Charged While Running

Sea-Doo Stator and coils out of engine

Do jet skis have alternators? This may be shocking to some, but jet skis don’t have alternators and instead use a stator. The charging system found in modern jet skis doesn’t need a lot of power to keep things going. What is a stator, and how is it different from an alternator when it comes

Bilge Pumps Are Not Standard On Jet Skis, They Use This Instead…

Bailer tube output for Spark with no brakes

A lot of the new riders I speak with previously owned boats and often do acquire numerous boat-related questions about jet skis. While these questions are reasonable and valid, the answers I do provide often surprise them. One common inquiry pertains to bilge pumps: how does it work, what’s this about bailers, and will they

Why Water Still Gets Under Your PWC Cover And What To Do About It

Sea-Doo Spark still wrapped up from factory

Jet ski covers are made from waterproof materials but aren’t completely watertight due to their vents. These vents allow for airflow and prevent the cover from flying off when trailering the jet ski. Despite the cover, water can still seep into the footwells. There are ways to make your cover more effective, like tilting the jet ski back on the trailer, using a secondary cover, or even shrink-wrapping the jet ski for off-season storage.

What Happens When You Fall Off A Jet Ski But Have The Lanyard Attached?

Spark output nozzle showing waver movement and direction

Falling off a jet ski is less common now due to their increased size, but it can still happen. Contrary to old beliefs, modern jet skis don’t circle around if you fall off, thanks to safety lanyards that shut the engine off. This article addresses common questions and concerns about falling off a jet ski, including the importance of properly attaching the safety lanyard and wearing a correctly sized life jacket. It also covers how to safely reboard a jet ski from the water.

How Mirrors on Jet Skis Relate to Tow Sports

Yamaha waverunner with mirrors red

Not many personal watercraft (PWC) riders are aware, but the mirrors on your PWC serve a specific legal purpose, especially in tow sports like tubing, wakeboarding, and skiing. The Law Tow sports can be done on a jet ski, including pulling a tube or wakeboarding. When engaging in tow sports on a PWC, some US

The Reason Behind Jet Skis’ Water Spouts [Rooster Tail]

Navigating the open waters can be a thrilling experience, but it’s not without its challenges. One such challenge is the visibility of personal watercraft (PWCs) — often zipping around with speed and agility. These vessels, while providing excitement for their riders, can pose a significant hazard to others due to their size and maneuverability. Basically,

Leaving Your Jet Ski in the Water: Risks and Precautions

Life can get hectic, and amidst the flurry of daily activities, it’s all too easy to forget the little things—like putting away your personal watercraft (PWC) after a thrilling ride on the water. Whether it’s due to a jam-packed schedule, distractions, or simply slipping your mind, neglecting to properly stow your PWC can lead to

Exploring Wakeboarding with a Jet Ski

different jet ski that can be used for wakeboarding

Picture yourself gliding effortlessly across the water’s surface, the wind in your hair and the thrill of speed propelling yourself forward. This exhilarating experience is none other than wakeboarding from a personal watercraft (PWC), a sport that combines the adrenaline rush of water skiing with the agility of surfing. As one of the most popular