I’ve Changed How I Do The Large Comparison Posts

Every year since 2018, I’ve done a large Sea-Doo vs Yamaha vs Kawasaki post where I compare each model.

These articles are packed full of information for that year, along with any changes that may have happened. While having a lot of information about them is a great thing, being able to consume it easily is just as important.

That is why I’ve moved them all to a PDF that you can download.

The Reason For The Change

I want to list the reasons why I moved these post to PDFs and why I think it’s better for my readers.

  1. A PDF can handle larger documents more easily than a website. With many of these post being over 10,000 words long, it can be hard on smaller devices like phones to render the webpage. A PDF has less fluff and handles these larger documents with ease.
  2. It’s more portable, you can save it for later to read or even print it out if you like.
  3. Less noise, the PDFs have no ads or any distractions, just the content.
  4. More tools. Many PDF viewers have tools like a search, markup, and many options to expand the ability of this document to fit your needs. You can even add comments on many PDF readers.
  5. Charts and tables are easier to read. With web content, charts and tables can get truncated or look odd, but a PDF handles it better and keeps it looking more cleaner.

See The Posts

The URLs to the post did not change, even the comments still work.

If you want to see them, you can see the ones that were changed at the time of this post below. All future posts will be in the PDF format.



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