Who Is Steven In Sales? is a site about me, Steven, where I offer advice on power sports things like jet skis. I began my journey in the power sports industry as a teenager. When I was old enough to work, my mother presented me with two options: work at a pizza place or at a jet ski dealership. Being a teenager, the choice was clear. I opted for the jet ski dealership, enticed by the idea of “playing on ATVs and jet skis all day.” As fate would have it, this decision was smart, as the pizza place closed down just a few years later.

Started At The Bottom

When I began, I was at the bottom of the totem pole, and I genuinely enjoyed it. I was responsible for picking up jet skis from the lake and using an ATV to haul customers’ jet skis into the storage lots for servicing. I also assisted the technicians with minor tasks and helped those who assembled the new jet skis. In addition, I played a role in managing the parts and service counter. It was in parts and service where I acquired a significant portion of my knowledge about jet skis, familiarizing myself with charts and understanding the common issues customers faced.

One day, an opportunity arose to become a technician who assembled the units. By then, I was well-acquainted with the product and eager to tackle new challenges, so I embraced this new role. It was a learning curve; and let me just say, when you purchase a jet ski or ATV and are charged a prep fee, it’s truly worth it—this task isn’t straightforward! I dedicated six years to this role, during which I amassed a wealth of knowledge. I even began repairing and diagnosing issues with jet skis.

Given that it was a tight-knit, family-run dealership, many of us often juggled multiple roles. It wasn’t unusual to find me at the parts and service counter, undertaking technician tasks, or even delving into sales.

I Learned A Lot

I dedicated a considerable amount of time to understanding the materials and delving deeply into the products. This knowledge enabled me to not only assemble the units but also demonstrate to customers how everything functioned.

It was then that I began to notice a lack of good information online regarding jet skis and the typical issues owners encounter. For individuals seeking knowledge about jet skis, their primary option was visiting a dealership and hoping to find someone well-informed on the subject.

I Moved Into Sales

Given my extensive knowledge of the products, I was an ideal choice for transitioning into sales. What’s amusing is that I declined the sales position twice due to its commission-based structure, believing that I’d earn “no money” during the winter months.

I was concerned about potential financial losses, but when the offer came around for the third time, we reached an agreement, and I entered the sales arena. Initially, sales proved challenging for me; I wasn’t naturally adept at it. However, my product knowledge was my strong suit, attracting customers to purchase from me. It’s akin to how some people can talk endlessly about their passions – for me, that passion was jet skis and power sports equipment.

A Jack Of All Trades

I continued to perform various tasks like working on jet skis, assembling them, and manning the parts/service counter, given my expertise in these areas. Over time, I recognized a significant information gap concerning jet skis. Many customers were left in the dark, unsure of where to find reliable information. I realized that if someone is prepared to invest in a $15,000 jet ski, they’d want to gather as much knowledge about it as they can.

I possessed a lot of valuable information, and people often remarked on my profound understanding of the products. It always struck me when customers would share that the previous sales representative they interacted with lacked adequate knowledge about the items. This got me pondering: how could I reach a broader audience to educate them about these products and also assist them with prevalent service-related queries?

Created A YouTube Channel

So, I established a YouTube channel and began producing videos. While I felt nervous each time I recorded a video, once I started discussing the product, my passion took over, and I could speak extensively about it. That’s precisely what I did: in my videos, I delivered my sales pitch, shared unique information, and highlighted details unavailable elsewhere. I showcased aspects of the machines that others typically overlooked, always considering, “If I were buying this, what would I want to see?”

Something More Than Video

While the videos were effective, I recognized that sometimes people prefer reading to quickly access information rather than waiting through a video. This realization led to the creation of Though I had never developed a website before, I decided to give it a shot, and here we are. The site’s primary objective was to serve as a reference point for my customers, addressing their frequent queries.

For instance, it was common for individuals to accidentally suck ropes into their jet skis. In response to this, I crafted a detailed post on the topic. Whenever someone reached out about this issue, I would direct them to that article, equipping them with the knowledge they needed. As time progressed, search engines began to favor my website, drawing visitors from across the globe. Almost every article on the site is a response to product-related questions I’ve received. Given my extensive experience in the industry, writing these posts came naturally. I cherish the appreciative emails I receive, and I’m always eager to assist.

What I Do Now

I’ve incorporated ads throughout this site, which generate revenue that I use to maintain and support its operation.

Given the site’s demanding nature, I’ve ceased working at the dealership to dedicate most of my time to deepening my knowledge of jet skis and managing this platform.

I consistently update with new content and address questions I receive from individuals worldwide. While I occasionally assist at the dealership, I’ve primarily committed to this website full-time. It’s challenging, but there’s a unique satisfaction in pursuing one’s passion. I take great joy in knowing I’m assisting those who might not find help elsewhere.

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