Used Jet Ski Buyers Guide

Let’s admit it, buying a used jet ski can be tricky and complicated. This is why I poured everything I know about buying used jet skis into one ebook. I have over 10 years of experience at a dealership selling/buying jet skis, I’ve come across it all and placed it into a PDF ebook to help others along this journey.

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2018 Sea-Doo vs. Yamaha vs. Kawasaki

Sea-Doo vs Yamaha vs Kawasaki prices features best value

Shopping for a jet ski can be confusing at times. Each manufacturer is saying one thing about the competition, and you don’t know what to believe. But I think I can help. I have gone through every watercraft in every category and compared them all. Hopefully, this can help you make a better buying decision or find the watercraft that

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2019 Sea-Doo Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Sea-Doo just released their 2019 model line up and the biggest take away from this event is going to be the Fish Pro. Not much in a color change for some of the models but we do have some new accessories and tech that are super useful. But when digging deeper into it, there was a lot of little details

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2019 Sea-Doo Prediction and Wild Ideas

It’s that time again for me to predict what I think will happen for Sea-Doo in 2019. A lot has happened in recent years, and you would think nothing significant will happen for 2019 but they’ve been known to surprise us before. Some of what they’re going to do is common sense but there a few things that stuck out.

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Jet Ski Helmet – Do You Need One?

what helmet to wear on a jet ski

Most states require you to wear a Helmet for your Motorcycle. If a Jet Ski is the Motorcycle of the water wouldn’t wearing a helmet make sense? Yes, wearing a helmet would make sense on a Jet Ski but there is more to it. The amazing part is that most states don’t require helmets at all on watercraft. I want

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Why Are Jet Skis So Big?!

These things are HUGE! or This thing is the SIZE OF A BOAT! I would get this all the time when someone was seeing a jet ski in person for the first time. I got this comment so often that I’m surprised I’ve never written about it before. Let’s go over why jet skis are so big and explain why

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Jet Ski Weight Limit – What Does It Mean?

see how much a jet ski weighs

Yes, there is a jet ski weight limit, and yes you should avoid going over it. The weight limit on a jet ski is all the passenger’s weight along with everything you carry in the storage compartment. Weight limits range from about 350 pounds to 600 pounds. That’s approximately 160kg to 272kg for our European friends. We want to talk

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Best Jet Ski for the Ocean Or Lake

best watercraft for ocean was the one the business used for pull sports

Riding in the ocean and riding in a lake are 2 very different experiences and each requires the right watercraft. I noticed this painfully well when I took my Spark out in the ocean. Not saying the Spark was terrible for ocean riding but there were other machines that I thought would be better instead. Let’s talk about what PWC’s

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