Buying A Jet Ski? Avoid Credit Cards & Cash

When I had someone buying a new or used jet ski from me at the dealership, one of the two most common payment methods they wanted to use were either a credit card or cash. In a normal situation, such as smaller transactions, these two payment options are fine. But when it comes to larger

Introducing: Steven’s Used PWC Values (SUP Values)

Steven announces the launch of “Steven’s Used PWC Values” (SUP Values), a tool he created for evaluating the market value, trade-in number, and original MSRP of used watercraft after Kelley Blue Book discontinued its watercraft valuation services in 2021. General price estimates are offered for models dating from 1990 and forward.

Jet Ski Margins [Costs & Tips]

The post emphasizes the complexity of jet ski pricing, highlighting factors like dealer markups, assembly costs, and various fees. It explains that jet skis have average margins of 4% to 8%, not including additional charges like freight, prep, and taxes. The article also covers dealer fees, registration, and the role of supply and demand in pricing, noting that costs can vary based on location and season. It suggests careful consideration of all these aspects for potential buyers.

How Much Should You Pay for a Used Jet Ski?

Learn how to determine used jet ski prices and uncover potential issues before buying. Discover the key factors, tools, and tricks to make an informed purchase decision. Don’t overpay and ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Best Time To Buy A Jet Ski – It’s Not What You Expect!

showing the best time to buy

Discover the prime moments to snag incredible deals on jet skis. Learn when manufacturers release new models, why August and September are often ideal, and how to navigate fluctuations in the market. Don’t miss out on valuable insights to make your purchase.

What Used Sea-Doo Should You Buy?

Get expert insights into buying a used Sea-Doo watercraft. From 2001 models to the latest releases, discover which Sea-Doo models are worth considering and which ones to avoid. Learn about the transition from 2-stroke to 4-stroke engines, key model years, and important features to look for. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used Sea-Doo jet ski, ensuring a great experience on the water.

Mistakes People Make When Buying a New Jet Ski

Discover the top mistakes to avoid when buying a jet ski and become a more informed buyer. Learn why buying a jet ski is different from purchasing a car and understand the nuances of markup in the jet ski industry. Explore the best time to buy a jet ski to maximize savings and find out how financing a jet ski differs from financing a car. Get insights into payment methods, test drives, and why you should trust your salesman. Don’t miss essential tips on selecting the correct gear for your jet ski adventures. Get the inside scoop to make a smart purchase decision.

2024 Jet Ski Prices: Detailed Price Chart for New & Used Models

Learn the pricing landscape of jet skis, influenced by factors like engine type, body design, and features. Uncover details about individual models, from the budget-friendly Keep in mind that these figures exclude taxes, fees, and trailers, so make use of the included calculator to estimate the total expenses. Explore financing options for both new and used jet skis and gain valuable tips on finding affordable options, whether new or used.

Steven’s Guide to Buying a Used Jet Ski: Factors To Consider

Navigate the intricacies of buying a used jet ski with this comprehensive guide. Delve into essential factors like pricing, engine types (2-stroke vs. 4-stroke), battery condition, engine hours, and jet pump inspection. Don’t forget to check for superchargers if applicable, watch out for corrosion, and inspect the hull for damage. The guide also emphasizes the importance of assessing the trailer, scrutinizing service records, and examining seat conditions. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to test ride the jet ski to ensure its performance on the water meets your expectations. Get ready for a successful used jet ski purchase with expert insights.