What Used Sea Doo Should You Buy?

I’ve been working on and selling Seadoo Watercraft for quite a few years. I’ve seen and driven just about every model Seadoo has come out with. I also worked on them too.

What I want to do is go through every model of Seadoo Watercraft and point out the ones that I would consider good machines to buy used. I’ve gathered this information throughout the years, and I know which ones are good and which ones you just want to avoid.

I’m going to be only doing Seadoo since they have the biggest market share, and it is what I know. If it’s not a Seadoo, then the golden rule is not to get it if it’s a 2 stroke.

If you want to learn more about used jet skis then I have a “Used Jet Ski Guide” that explains more.

2001 and below

If the Seadoo is a 2001 or below, I would avoid it as all the models are 2 strokes. 2 Strokes are a dying breed, and parts are hard to find for them. You want to only have 4 strokes; the way you can tell is that a 4 stroke has a dipstick on the top of the engine, just like what a car has.

The last 2-stroke Sea-Doo made was in 2007 which is well above the 10-year mark that manufacturers build them to. It’s simply best to avoid 2-strokes at this point.


2002 was the first year for the 4 stroke engine, and Seadoo has been using this engine block for all its modern engines even in 2016. This engine is slowly being replaced by the 1630cc, which is in there 300HP in 2016. This engine works well, but not all the models in 2002 got that engine.

The only two units that I would even consider is the GTX limited and the GTX 4-tec from that year. The other models are 2 strokes and I would avoid them.


2003 is much like 2002, where I would pick the GTX Limited and GTX 4-tec. There is another model, and that is the GTX SC or GTX 4-tec Super Charged. This was the first year the supercharged models came out; it brought the 155Hp engine up to 185hp.

I would make sure to check out the supercharger on the GTX SC, but the supercharger being a problem was not that big of an issue for the 185HP since it never spun as fast as the later supercharged models.


2004 was the year you start to see more 4 strokes than 2 strokes. You have the GTX 155, which is a great machine if you ask me! You still have the GTX Limited and GTX SC, but now the RXP came to be. The RXP was the first 215Hp supercharged and intercooler 4-Stroke engine from Seadoo. The RXP was a 2 seater while most other models were 3 seaters.

The RXP was a racing machine and was top dog in power for its day. The only thing about the RXP 215 I would worry about is to make sure it had the supercharger job done to it.


2005 we saw even more 4 strokes added to the lineup. You still have the RXP 215, GTX Limited, GTX SC, but now you also have the RXT 215 added to the mix. The RXT is just a 3 seater RXP. Also new is the GTX Wake, which is a great machine since it has a ski pylon and wake board rack.

You still have some 2 strokes like the GTI and 3D that I would avoid in the 2005 line up; all the other models are great. The best one out of the bunch was the GTX 155.


At this point, it gets easier. If you’re looking at buying a used Seadoo and it’s a 2006 or older, then it’s going to be a great machine. The only one I would avoid would be the 3D since it’s a 2 stroke. You got several winners in this year that really seem bulletproof.

The 2006 GTI and 2006 GTX 155 are some of the best units ever. The 2006 GTX 155 is a really comfortable and long-lasting ski. The RXP and RXT of that year are super fast and have great color schemes, and feel bulletproof proof too.


Just like 2006, all models are great except for the 3D, 2007 was the last year for it, and the last year Seadoo had a 2-stroke in the lineup. Some of the best watercraft were created this year and still run strong to this day.

The GTI 130, GTI SE 130, GTI SE 155, GTX 155 are the best watercraft ever created, and this holds up to this day. A personal favorite of mine was the 2007 RXT 215 in the black and yellow; love that watercraft! Another good ski was the GTX Wake; this was one of the best value ski’s on the market and still very popular to this day.

From This Point On

From this point on, you could draw some Seadoo’s out of a hat and still pick a good unit. There are some that stick out better than others; those are the golden boys.

I would say the machines with the 130HP, 155HP, or 170HP engine are the best ones you can get. It’s not too fast, and it’s not too slow; it’s just right. If you want a workhorse of an engine, then the 155HP models are the ticket.


The big old recession hit us hard, but some of the best Seadoo’s were created during this time. This was the year of the RXP-X 255 and RXT-X 255. For some odd reason, these two models, especially the RXT-X, sell really well. These models are a huge hit in other countries besides the United States, so if you have one, then you got a good machine.

Just like the 2007 GTI’s and GTX 155 and GTX Wake – these are one of the best skis on the market that are bulletproof. Really any machine beyond this point is bulletproof and great.

This was the year that Seadoo did ballast tanks on the GTX Wake, it was not popular and they never did it again. So if you have a GTX Wake with ballast tanks then that is rare.


2009 was a good year for Jet Ski world. This was the year that Seadoo came out with iBR (brakes, starts in neutral, and reverse) and iS (suspension) for a Jet Ski. This stuff was groundbreaking and never seen before on a boat. Only two models got these features, the GTX Limited iS and RXT iS. The GTI SE models got a really nice blue color that looked sharp.

This was the year we got a GTI Wake and the GTX wake as separate models. Later Seadoo would just start to call the GTI Wake the WAKE and the GTX Wake the WAKE PRO in the coming years. The GTI Wake is a great ski, and so are the other GTI models and the GTX 155; they will last forever.


In 2010 all models except the RXP-X and GTI models got the new S3 body. The S3 body is still used today and is the most comfortable body around. From this point on, you can’t go wrong with any model Seadoo. Really they’re all good. The Suspension has been super reliable, and the iBR system works great. In 2016 Seadoo Went to iBR 2.0, which works even better.

This was about the time Seadoo Started working the Spark. During the recession, people could not afford this expensive watercraft. So Seadoo started project CAFE, which was the Spark that was released in 2014.

The Spark is a new watercraft that cost $4,999 when it was released in 2014; this was groundbreaking as no one was doing this. The GTX and RXT now all have iBR, which is brakes, neutral, and reverse. The watercraft starts in neutral every time and makes docking the watercraft easy. Trust me, you want a watercraft with iBR since it’s so easy to drive.


2011 was the year that the GTI’s got their new body style, which is nicer than the old body style they got in 2006. The GTI’s got iBR to them, same as what the GTX and RXT have been having. You also got more features like sport mode and touring mode.


This was the year that the RXP-X finally got a new body. The RXP-X was really made for racing, so it stupid fast even for today’s standards. This was the year the GTR 215 came out.

The GTR is a GTI with a big engine in it, so they took a small, lightweight ski and slapped a big engine in it. This was also the last year for the RXT-iS, not really a big deal as Seadoo was cutting back on the models. They were making room for the GTX-S 155, which is a great ski if you want suspension combined with the bulletproof 155HP engine.

2013 and up

There is no point for me to write about the 2013 and up models as they all are just good. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Some of the best watercrafts Sea-Doo made had the 130HP, 155HP, or 170HP engines.

2014 was when the Sparks came out, and they use an engine that BRP (parent company of Seadoo) has been using since 2008 in their snowmobile line up and it’s bulletproof too (just don’t sink it).

The Spark also hurt the used market since you can get a new Spark with a warranty for about the same price as a used machine, so why would you buy used?

Other Tips

It’s a lot to take in when looking for a used jet ski and that is why I created an ebook to help answer some of the questions you might have. You can find my ebook (Used Jet Ski Buyers Guide) Here. 

251 thoughts on “What Used Sea Doo Should You Buy?”

  1. Hi Steven. I’m looking to purchase a JetSki. My last ski was a new 2019 GTX ltd 230 and I loved it. It was totaled.
    I don’t want to spend the new higher prices so I’m looking used and was given this offer.

    $13,000 for both from second owner with trailer. The suspension makes me nervous being that I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve read that it takes an hour to get the seat off to access the engine, and that it is more tipsy than other GTX. Could I have your opinion please? And if I do purchase, what would I need to replace and work on to make sure it’s optimal. Thank you so much. Christine.

    • The suspension models did offer the best ride, but they were harder to work on and more top-heavy. Compared to the brakes, the suspension was more reliable and cause the least amount of problems, if we ignore the pain to take it off. You can still do basic things with the suspension on, like spark plugs and battery, but for most things you need to at least lift the rear off, which is a 5-minute deal. The biggest thing I would do is get the 260HP one supercharger checked out. $13k for both and a trailer seems too low, almost too good to be true. $13k for just the GTX LTD seems more reasonable.

  2. We are trying to locate someone that can work on our 2007 Sea Doos. The Sea Doo dealerships say they are too old and Sea Doo systems will not allow for servicing. Could you please advise?

    • Something that old, you’ll need to avoid dealerships and go with local repair shops. Try Googling “jet ski repair near me” to see what comes up.

  3. Hello Steven,

    I’m looking at a 2017 Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 with trailer included for $9,800. It has 47 hours on it.

    From the pictures it appears to be in good shape. Is there anything specific to look for that I haven’t seen on your website yet (checking the oil, battery, for rust, plugs, etc.)?

    Any help would be appreciated as I know nothing of personal watercraft.


  4. Hey there, I have a line on a 2015 Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 with 60 hours. Appears to be in good shape with minor dock ding repairs and new plugs recently installed. Comes with a trailer. Seller is asking $15,500 CAD. Reasonable?

        • According to Sea-Doo, any supercharger model needs the clutch replaced every 200 hours or 2 years for models 2015 and under. In 2016 and up, any Sea-Doo with the new ACE engine block just needs it inspected every 200 hours no matter the years (the 230HP and 300HP models). Before 2013 it used to be every 100 hours or 2 years, then after that, it went to 200 hours or every 2 years. You can play it safe and do it every 100 hours for all models 2015 and under. I’ll write a post about this as it is kind of confusing.

  5. Steven,

    Looking at buying 2 Seadoos. Seadoo #1 2007 RXT 150hrs. Seadoo #2 2005 GTX roughly 140hrs. Seller states RXT was serviced at 100hrs with no proof. Both are good looking skis. The deal includes a decent looking dual trailer. Asking price $8500. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


    • The RXT is a 215HP and that year was bad for superchargers going bad. I would tread lightly with that model if he’s not rebuilt the supercharger in a while. The 2005 GTX came in a 155 or a 185HP, the 155 was amazing, but the 185HP sometimes had supercharger issues but not as much as the 215. I would still make sure the GTX had the supercharger maintenance done too if it has one.


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