2024 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

This is the time of year when jet ski manufacturers start to release new models for the upcoming year. Yamaha was quick with the launch and has introduced some interesting changes, especially to the engines and upcoming designs. This year marks a significant shift for Yamaha and the entire watercraft industry, as they strive for

2023 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

Yamaha has released their new 2023 lineup and much like Sea-Doo, the trend is that there are not many changes for this year. There are a few things of note that we’ll go over, but if you got a 2022 or even a 2021 you won’t feel like you missed too much. We’re now really

2022 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

I’m pretty surprised to see jet ski manufacturers have new models and tech for the 2022 lineup. Even Yamaha has new features and a new model for 2022, and it’s better than I expected. When it comes to 2022, it’s the year that Yamaha gets back to its roots and improves things we have all

2021 Yamaha Waverunner – The Good, Bad, And Ugly

2020 was a crazy year for all jet ski manufacturers. With everyone stuck at home, you had jet ski dealerships selling out of new and used watercraft like there was no tomorrow. Yamaha was no exception to this as their sales grew like crazy. Riding that momentum, Yamaha has released 11 new models and ones

2020 Yamaha WaveRunner Good, Bad, and the Ugly

With Yamaha Waverunner releasing their 2020 line up it’s time we go over the good, the bad, and the ugly. While there were not any huge changes in 2020, 2019 stole the show last year; there are still a few things we need to point out. To see the full Yamaha 2020 Line Up Go