2024 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

This is the time of year when jet ski manufacturers start to release new models for the upcoming year.

Yamaha was quick with the launch and has introduced some interesting changes, especially to the engines and upcoming designs. This year marks a significant shift for Yamaha and the entire watercraft industry, as they strive for improved fuel efficiency and greater environmental friendliness.

I’ll cover some of the changes, but I suggest reading and watching the Watercraft Journal’s posts on the changes as they have the most info, and even an engine tear down. You can also see the full details on Yamaha’s own website here.

What Changed?

Before we go too deep, let’s get a bird’s-eye view of what changed for the 2024.

  • Redesigned 1,898cc HO engine (200HP).
  • The GP1800s got new names.
  • GP HO got new features.
  • FX Getting 7-Inch Touch Screen.
  • Plant-infused, recyclable materials.
  • Lead-free bearings.
  • New color changes.

New Engine

Yamaha is all about engine displacement and has the largest displacement engine on the market.

The good news about going with a larger displacement engine is that you require fewer complex systems, such as superchargers, to obtain more power. This consequently enhances their reliability.

There is a lot to cover about the new engine, The Watercraft Journal has the video that gives us the most info on the change:

The major changes of the engine:

This new engine change will be huge for their Jet Boats, as it appears to be perfect for larger boats.

GP1800 Name Changes

Yamaha is changing the names of the GP1800R SVHO to the GP SVHO and the GP1800R HO to GP HO.

Way better naming scheme and far easier to say.

GP HO New Features

The GP HO is now getting new features that the SVHO has, like launch control and auto-trim.

The GP HO main competition is the GTR, and with Sea-Doo bringing back the GTR-X and giving it the 300HP engine, it’s going to be really fun in 2024 with these two.

FX Getting 7-Inch Screens

All FX models are getting the 7-inch screen along with Drive Control options like economy, performance, tow, comfort and custom settings.


Yamaha is moving to a greener watercraft world and starting with a plant-infused material for the engine cover.

Yamaha wants to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

Yamaha is starting with the engine and testing new materials out that are showing promise to be better overall while still being plant-infused. It’s still early, so not much has changed, but it is for sure changing.

What this signals is that the whole industry is changing, and jet skis will be very different in the future. Expect to see electric jet skis taking over and even more fuel efficient jet skis on the market.

This also means lead-free rod and main bearings are now being used, and other simple things like manufacturers working on ways to use less oil in their engines.



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2 thoughts on “2024 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New”

  1. We currently own a 2021 Yamaha VX Cruiser HO. We do a lot of water sports with it, including some slalom skiing. We are considering buying a second machine. My question is whether you think we would find a noticeable difference (for water sports – skiing in particular) with the Sea-Doo Wake Pro which is supposedly geared towards water sports.

    • The WAKE Pro will be nice if you do a lot of pull sports, but if you’re happy with your VX Cruiser HO, I would stick with a similar model. The difference won’t be groundbreaking to warrant the change, unless you really like the looks of the Wake Pro.


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