How A Jet Ski Jet Pump Works With Detailed Images

Sea-Doo jet pump area with brake rod and bailer tubes

Jet skis and jet boats utilize a self-contained jet pump for propulsion and maneuverability, unlike regular boats which use exposed propellers. The jet pump consists of a steering nozzle, impeller, wear ring, driveshaft, reverse bucket, bailer tubes, and an intake grate, handled by the direct drive system. Advantages of jet drive systems include having no exposed prop, finer control, ability to function in shallow waters, and lesser maintenance.

Why I Store My Jet Ski Nearly Empty For The Winter

Sea-Doo GTI gas cap location under front storage compartment

This post delves into the debate about the optimal amount of gas to store in a PWC, particularly during long-term storage such as winter. It contrasts the common practice of storing with a full tank against the author’s preference for near-empty storage. Key reasons for preferring near-empty storage include cost-effectiveness, safety concerns, theft reduction, and minimizing waste. The post explores these aspects in detail, ultimately leaving the decision to personal preference and specific circumstances.

9 Ways Places To Keep Your Jet Ski When Not Using It

Marina boat rack for jet skis

Where do I keep my jet ski or do I need a trailer are super common questions I get from people? Ideally, you keep your jet ski on a slip, trailer, in your backyard or really anywhere that is safe. But, not everyone lives on the water, or even needs a trailer. It could even

Let’s Discuss Running Ethanol Gasoline In Your Jet Ski

ethanol gas station 10% warning sticker.

The question of whether to use ethanol gas in jet skis is increasingly common. Ethanol, a corn-derived oxygenate, can be used in jet skis as long as it’s limited to 10% or less (E10). However, it’s crucial to avoid E15 or 15% ethanol gas, especially in 2-stroke engines, which can be damaged by ethanol’s water-attracting properties. For 4-stroke engines, E10 is acceptable, but caution should be exercised with ethanol fuels due to potential phase separation and reduced energy density compared to pure gasoline.

Jet Ski Warranties: Are They Worth It?

Sea-Doo still in crate wrapped up before warranty starts.

Uncover the complexities of jet ski warranties, from extended warranty options to what’s covered and what’s not. Get valuable insights on warranty promotions, deductibles, and more to make an informed decision.

Let’s Break Down The Common Jet Ski Terms & Lingo

I’ve noticed that specific words get thrown around a lot when talking about watercraft (PWC) that many people might not know. Words like iBR, RIDE, ECO, etc. are foreign to new riders. What do they even mean? This is why I’m creating this post to have one place to point to for such words that

The Good and The Bad of Owning Jet Skis [Pros-Cons]

RXP-X 300 Close up and pros and cons of it

Is it worth it? Will you get bored? Is it costly? Maybe you’re throwing around the idea of a PWC and might be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are? For many people, a PWC is something new and unique to them. Knowing whether or not it will be a good fit is very important

Jet Ski Beginners Guide With 18 Essential Insights

jet ski beginners guide how to

Are you all pumped up to ride a PWC for the very first time and on the hunt for some new-rider tips? Well, guess what? You’ve landed in the perfect spot! I’ve got a treasure trove of tips and tricks, all gathered from years of teaching folks how to ride. I’ve been in the shoes

15 Mistakes Beginner Jet Ski Owners Make

Mistakes beginners make list

If you’re just dipping your toes into the exciting world of watercraft (PWC) and feeling a bit lost, you’re in good hands! I’ve put together a handy list of common mishaps that new PWC owners often make. By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to navigating the waves

What it Cost to Own a Jet Ski – The Hidden Costs!

Having a personal watercraft (PWC) opens up a world of aquatic adventures, but with great fun comes great responsibility—the responsibility of keeping your PWC running smoothly. From routine maintenance to troubleshooting unexpected issues, maintaining a PWC requires dedication, knowledge, and a proactive approach. In this post, we’ll explore the things it takes to keep a

Lost Your Sea-Doo Key? Here’s How to Replace It

Why do things disappear? From socks that go missing in the dryer to your own wallet. They just walk away, I guess. Your Sea-Doo is no different, things will disappear for no good reason. You wouldn’t believe the times customers reach out, wondering about getting a new key. The most common question that pops up

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Jet Ski

After a thrilling day of riding waves and exploring the open waters on a personal watercraft (PWC), it’s not uncommon to find your prized watercraft covered in a layer of grime and debris. Despite your best efforts to keep it spotless, PWCs have a knack for accumulating dirt, salt, and residue over time, even after

How To Put Gas In A Jet Ski

Jet ski gas tanks

All jet skis run on gas, but if you have a non-supercharged (under 200HP), you can run regular (87 octane). If your jet ski is supercharged, I suggest you run premium (93 octane). If you’re in doubt, there is usually a sticker next to the gas-cap to let you know what octane the manufacturer suggests.