How Does A Jet Ski Work – Beginners Guide To Understanding

Sea-Doo jet pump area with brake rod and bailer tubes

Ever wondered what makes PWC and jet boats move? Well, they both rely on something called a “jet-pump” for propulsion, which sets them apart from regular boats with traditional propellers. So, what’s this pump all about? It’s an interesting system that includes a steering nozzle, which lets you control the left-right movement, a reverse bucket

Why I Store My Jet Ski Nearly Empty For The Winter

Sea-Doo GTI gas cap location under front storage compartment

I don’t know how the topic of how much gas you should store in your boat has become such a hotly debated topic, but it has? Typically, I see this question arise around winter, when people leave their jet skis for months. Though, it’s still a problem for anyone who stores for long periods of

Let’s Discuss Running Ethanol Gasoline In Your Jet Ski

ethanol gas station 10% warning sticker.

You got a new jet ski and wondering what type of fuel you can put in it? The most common question, is ethanol fuel safe? Will E10 be fine, or can you go with E85? I find that it’s okay to run ethanol gas in your jet ski, so long as it’s 10% or less!

Let’s Talk About Jet Ski Drain Plugs

Pointing out the drain plugs on the Sea-Doo.

I had to drive an hour out of my way for a simple misunderstanding. A lady took delivery of a new Sea-Doo and complained it was missing a plug. So odd, since they’re attached, and I triple check before I leave and two more times before putting the craft in the water. Yet, she said

The Value of Warranties: Are They Worth It For Jet Skis?

Sea-Doo still in crate wrapped up before warranty starts.

Warranties for jet skis can be confusing and often bring along many questions like… All these questions and more will be answered. What It Doesn’t Cover: Before diving in, let’s clarify some warranty facts: Extended Options The reason why you get the extended warranty is for ‘peace of mind’. When you purchase an extended warranty,

Let’s Break Down The Common Jet Ski Terms & Lingo

I’ve noticed that specific words get thrown around a lot when talking about watercraft (PWC) that many people might not know. Words like iBR, RIDE, ECO, etc. are foreign to new riders. What do they even mean? This is why I’m creating this post to have one place to point to for such words that

Owning a Jet Ski: Breaking Down the Pro and Cons

RXP-X 300 Close up and pros and cons of it

Is it worth it? Will you get bored? Is it costly? Maybe you’re throwing around the idea of a jet ski and might be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are? For many people, a jet ski is something new and unique to them. Knowing whether or not it will be a good fit is

Jet Ski Beginners Guide With 18 Essential Insights

jet ski beginners guide how to

Are you all pumped up to ride a PWC for the very first time and on the hunt for some new-rider tips? Well, guess what? You’ve landed in the perfect spot! I’ve got a treasure trove of tips and tricks, all gathered from years of teaching folks how to ride. I’ve been in the shoes

15 Mistakes Beginner Jet Ski Owners Make

Mistakes beginners make list

If you’re just dipping your toes into the exciting world of watercraft (PWC) and feeling a bit lost, you’re in good hands! I’ve put together a handy list of common mishaps that new PWC owners often make. By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to navigating the waves

What it Cost to Own a Jet Ski – The Hidden Costs!

Having a personal watercraft (PWC) opens up a world of aquatic adventures, but with great fun comes great responsibility—the responsibility of keeping your PWC running smoothly. From routine maintenance to troubleshooting unexpected issues, maintaining a PWC requires dedication, knowledge, and a proactive approach. In this post, we’ll explore the things it takes to keep a

Everything You Need to Know About Replacing Your Sea-Doo Key

Why do things disappear? From socks that go missing in the dryer to your own wallet. They just walk away, I guess. Your Sea-Doo is no different, things will disappear for no good reason. You wouldn’t believe the times customers reach out, wondering about getting a new key. The most common question that pops up

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Jet Ski

After a thrilling day of riding waves and exploring the open waters on a personal watercraft (PWC), it’s not uncommon to find your prizzed watercraft covered in a layer of grime and debris. Despite your best efforts to keep it spotless, PWCs have a knack for accumulating dirt, salt, and residue over time, even after

Refueling a Jet Ski: The Ways To Go About It

Jet ski gas tanks

All jet skis run on gas, but if you have a non-supercharged (under 200HP), you can run regular (87 octane). If your jet ski is supercharged, I suggest you run premium (93 octane). If you’re in doubt, there is usually a sticker next to the gas-cap to let you know what octane the manufacturer suggests.