Jet Ski Financing Calculator – Monthly Payments Calculated!

If you’re in the market for a jet ski, you may be wondering how much are the monthly payments?

You may also be wondering how many months you can finance a jet ski, is it hard to get approved for a jet ski, and what kind of credit do you need?

There are many finance calculators, but they all don’t give you the full picture. I’ve created a jet ski pricing calculator that takes in all the costs to give you a better idea.

Jet Ski Pricing & Finance Calculator

The calculator below is only to give you an idea of how much a jet ski will cost you and an idea of monthly payments. To get real numbers, contact your local dealership.


Loan Total Amount:

Estimated Monthly Payment:

How Expensive Are Jet Skis?

Jet ski prices range from $5,000 to $20,000 and that does not include a trailer or accessories.

Trailer prices range from $1,000 for a single to $3,500 for a double.

How Long Can You Finance A Jet Ski?

A jet ski can be finance for 6 months to 7 years depending on the current promotions.

Many jet ski manufacturers will go to 8 years if you buy two jet skis that retail over a certain amount.

  • 2 Years = 24 Months
  • 3 Years = 36 Months
  • 4 Years = 48 Months
  • 5 Years = 60 Months
  • 6 Years = 72 Months
  • 7 Years = 84 Months
  • 8 Years = 96 Months

Some local banks may even go higher and offer better rates than what the jet ski manufacturer can give. It’s very dependent on where you live and how in need the bank is for new customers.

What Are Jet Ski Interest Rates?

The interest rate of a jet ski will depend on how long you finance the jet ski and current promotions.

To give you a general idea, here are ranges for interest rates that jet ski manufacturers often use. These rates can be higher or lower depending on the current promotions.

  • 3 Years = 3-5%
  • 5 Years = 4-7%
  • 6 Years = 5-8%
  • 7 Years = 5-8%
  • 8 Years = 5-8%

Is It Hard To Get Financing For A Jet Ski?

Getting approved for a jet ski is harder than getting approve for a car.

The banks see a car as a need, while a jet ski is seen as a toy. If you were to stop paying on something, it’s more likely to be the jet ski, as the car is needed to get you to work.

While a jet ski is harder to get approved for, I’ve seen people with bad credit get approved. The rates may not be as great if you have bad credit, and you may get turned down by the manufacturer’s bank, but the dealership always has a local bank that is more willing to work with you.

If you get turned down by the manufacturer’s bank, I suggest going to your own bank and not the one the dealership wants to use. The dealership will get a kickback for using their own bank, and you have a better shot of a better deal with your own bank.

Can You Buy A Jet Ski With A Credit Card?

Most jet ski dealerships won’t let you buy a jet ski with a credit card because it cost them too much in merchant fees.

All the cashback you get from credit cards comes from the merchants by fees. While you may be getting 2% back on the purchase, the merchant is paying 3-4%.

Jet skis typically have a 4-8% margin, so having you pay with a credit card will mean the dealership makes no money off the deal.

A dealership may let you use your credit card up to a certain amount, but they won’t do the whole amount.

How Much Do You Need To Put Down On A Jet Ski?

Typically, you don’t need to put anything down on a jet ski when you finance it, unless you have bad credit.

When you start to play with the calculator at the top, you may notice that adding $1k down doesn’t help all that much with your monthly payments. I’ve noticed this shocks many people.

For example, a total price of $15,800 has a monthly payment of about $299 for 60 months. Putting $1,000 down only drops the payments to about $280.

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