2015 GTI SE 130 Review

What do you do when the Sea Doo Spark is just too small and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a Jet Ski? You get a Sea Doo GTI! Better yet you’ll probably want the GTI SE 130 since its got all the features you know you want.

gti se 130

If I didn’t own a Spark I would own a GTI SE 130, I’m even thinking about trading in the Spark to do that. You see the GTI SE 130 is my dirty little secret. I hate to say it but the GTI SE 130 is more than what anyone needs.

Sure the bigger GTX’s have a nice riding hull but the GTI is still just as nice. The GTI SE 130 Still goes 55MPH, takes off like a rocket, and very playful.

Words on the Internet don’t mean much so that’s why I created this video below to show you what I mean.



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