Jet Ski Locks And Tips For Keeping Them Secured!

Personal watercraft (PWC) offer exhilarating adventures on the water, but with this excitement comes the responsibility of ensuring their security. Whether parked at a dock, stored in a marina, or transported on a trailer, PWCs are valuable assets that require vigilant protection against theft, damage, and misuse. In this post, we’ll delve into the crucial

Jet Ski Cover Tips and Common Questions

group of jet skis with covers

If you’re a jet ski enthusiast, you understand the thrill of riding the waves. But to safeguard your watercraft from the elements, consider the unsung hero – a jet ski cover. This essential accessory shields your jet ski from sun damage, rain, debris, and more. Protecting your investment from fading, rainwater, bird droppings, and unwanted critters. It even deters theft and reduces cleaning efforts.

7 Places To Keep Your Phone While On A Jet Ski

Your cell phone is probably the most important thing you keep on you at all times. So, it only makes sense to carry it with you everywhere you go, even when jet skiing! Where you keep your phone is important, you don’t want it to get wet or damaged while riding. I’ve created a list

How To Clean The Seats On Your Jet Ski

Despite your best efforts to keep your personal watercraft (PWC) in pristine condition, one area that inevitably succumbs to dirt and wear over time is the foam-seats. Whether you’re navigating choppy waters or basking in the sun’s rays, the seats on your seats endure a constant barrage of elements, from saltwater spray to UV exposure

Clever Tips for Removing Water From a Jet Ski’s Footwells

You know what’s funny? The amount of water a footwell can hold is something that often catches owners by surprise after they’ve had their watercraft for a while. You’d think it should be straightforward, right? Ideally, manufacturers would have figured out a way to keep those footwells bone-dry. But, well, it’s not as simple as