Jet Skiing With Your Phone – Where Do You Keep It?

Your cell phone is probably the most important thing you keep on you at all times. So it only makes sense to carry it with you everywhere you go even when jet skiing. So the all-important question is “how do you protect your cell phone from damage?“.

Water can be bad for a cell phone. Also, one thing people forget is that most compartments on watercraft are large and placing your phone in them runs the chance of your phone bouncing around and getting damaged that way.

So what do you do?

Simple, get a dry box! But what dry box do you get?

Well, this is where I come in. I’ve been through many of boxes for my phones and lost many wallets, keys, phones, jewelry, you name it I’ve lost to the ocean or a lake. There are only a few boxes I recommend and I have listed them below.

The Best Dry Box For A Sea-Doo

Up first is the dry box I highly recommend to anyone and especially to anyone who owns a Seadoo watercraft.

The Seadoo Safety Kit (Amazon Link Ad) is the best dry box if you own a Seadoo watercraft. The biggest reason is that most Seadoo’s actually have a spot built-in for this thing to mount into. The Seadoo Spark has a hidden compartment where this storage can go.

You get a whistle, dock line, and even a flashlight. But it’s the orange container that is important. The container has a seal around it and works fine to protect your phone. It’s quite big too so it can hold a phone, keys, and a wallet. Plus since it’s a bright orange you can’t lose it!

One tip about any dry box is to pack it with a small rag to add cushion for your phone and other items in it. Plus having a dry rag or terry cloth is always good to dry off with.

Bigger Items

Jet Ski dry bag

What if you got bigger items you want to keep dry? What if you have towels you want to keep dry on your jet ski before you get to the beach or your destination?

Well, you would use a dry bag like this here (Amazon Link Ad) to keep the bigger items dry. The best thing about dry bags is that most can fold away when not in use and are easy to carry.

Since dry bags are priced right and worth every penny I would suggest getting multiple ones. For example, I have a dry bag for each of my towels, change of clothes, camera gear, and little items like snacks and such.

Dry bags are not meant to be used as a cooler but I’ve been known to take one and put a little ice in it to keep my water cold. When I’m done I empty the water out and fold it away. Most coolers are just too big and when you’re done with most coolers they’re still taking up room which makes a dry bag a nice alternative.

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