How To Break Seadoo Watercraft Engine In

If you’re reading this then you have bought a new Seadoo Watercraft and you have been told you need to break the engine in.

But what does that mean?

It can be quite confusing when you’re told by your dealership or after you read the owners manual that you got to “break the engine in”. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do?

I’m hoping to answer these questions below and give you a better understanding of why you need to do this.

Why Do You Have To Break The Engine In?

The reason why you need to break the engine in is that its brand new. The engine hasn’t really seen much action and every component is not seated in just yet.

During the break in period parts of the engine get “set-in” and things get worn into the correct tolerances.

This process takes time and every engine is different. I only really know the break in period on a Seadoo. Either way, always consult your owners manual or your local dealer for any breaking questions.

How Long Do You Break It In?

The first 5 hours of your new Seadoo Watercraft is the most critical. All the other hours are not as important as those first 5 hours.

Your break in period is within the first 5 hours. The first service or oil change is 50 hours or 1 year, whichever one comes first. Consult with your local dealer or owners manual as the specs can change.

After those first 5 hours, you can really play with the machine but in those first 5 hours, it’s important that you follow the best practices that I list below.

Best Practices On Break In

If you have gotten this far you might be terrified to break in your new watercraft. Go ahead and relax, it’s actually quite simple. Some of the models actually have a forced break in where it won’t get to full power until it broke in. But still, its good to follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: Don’t keep the engine at one speed for no more than 30 seconds.

….and that’s it.

It’s that simple. It’s okay to go full power, its actually recommend, but just don’t keep it there.

I still recommend you keep the watercraft in “Touring” mode for the first 5 hours. The touring mode is a nice and easy take off mode that doesn’t put too much stress on the engine. You still need to change your speed every so often even in touring mode.

Also, avoid Cruise Control for the fact that it keeps the engine at one speed for too long. Avoid pulling tubes or ski mode for the first 5 hours as you’re more likely to keep the engine at one speed for too long. 

Learning Key

Would it be best to drive the watercraft with the learning key on for the first 5 hours?

That’s really up to you. With the learning key its pretty much in touring mode all the time, so its not wrong. Just remember to change up the speed every 30 seconds.

If you’re new to the watercraft then yes drive with the learning key so you can understand the machine better. These are very powerful machines, so don’t be afraid to give the learning key a try.

What Do You Mean Change Speed?

So let’s say for example you’re in touring mode and you’re driving at 55mph. From there go to 40mph. Then go to 50mph. Maybe go to 30mph. or 31 or 46 or 59mph. There is no wrong way to do it. Just change the speed up every so often.

If you’re thinking too much about it then you’re not having fun.

Just go easy and enjoy yourself, its hard to do it wrong.

And as always consult your owners manual and your local dealer for proper break in. 

High Horsepower

If you got a high HP Seadoo watercraft then you get the pleasure of a forced break-in. I’m looking at you 260HP and 300HP.

The engine will not get to full power until a certain hour is match. It will slowly get faster and faster as you get more hours, but won’t get to full power or RPMs til its broken in.

This is pretty common on many manufacturers who make engines, especially high power ones.

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  1. Hello, just picked up a 2021 Wake Pro 230. We have 12 hours on the ski now and followed all break in procedures. I am only getting 7,300 max RPM and speeds of 55 – 57 MPH. Nowhere near the 67 MPH advertised speed. Do you think this could be a case of the ski in rental mode? I feel like the engine should be running more at 8k RPM correct? Perhaps the super sharper isn’t kicking in?? Thoughts?


    • You should be getting closer to 8k rpm. It sounds like your supercharger is not kicking in if you stay around 7k. I’ve seen a few new units have the supercharger hose come loose so that could be a possibility.


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